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Hi, I joined SL in December 2006 as a result of my company doing some research on virtual worlds. Even if this research is gone now, I still keep on searching and i changed to mentoring a few months ago. I have been a mentor and instructor/teacher to many people in RL so I thought being a mentor here is the right thing.

One thing I do is to have a Web-Site with information, tutorials and an index to interesting places in german and english languge. Please see more at my web-page at SL Guided Tours Home Page and have a look into the Web-Tab of the profile of Valie Eun - she's the one carrying the load of SL Guided Tours. The profile site may also be viewed at the profile site - set viewer width to 400px

Mentoring on various welcome Areas and HI's my current posession.

My mother tongue is German, my English experience is more technical, but lasts for 35 years now and is getting fluent.

So wish you all fun and happiness in this lovely world.

Wol, SL Guided Tours