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About me

Posing at the beach
Posing at a Japanese Castle
Posing at a Japanese Castle
Posing at a Japanese Castle
Posing at a Japanese Castle
This is one of my favorite avi's
This is my main human/neko avi

I am a Second Life Resident since 24 October 2008 and just hang out most of the time and try to find new clothes. I recently started building and used to have my things on xstreet SL until those darned new rules came along. For anyone that can offer me some free space to place a vendor, please let me know. I am trying to create just tinies at the moment. I am usually hanging out in a sandbox, I come to office hours some times as well.

Vote for me on a contest board!!! Does cost 5L per vote, but it really would help me!
The picture you are looking for is in the middle row, picture is the newly added Beach picture right of here.
For the landmark look in my inworld profile! Thank you in advance!!!


  • Building
  • Some basic scripting
  • Making tiny avitars
  • Picture Enhancement/Editing

My SL Photography

Why am I making them this good? Well I like to challenge myself and create high quality pictures. My settings are then as well set to maximum although it increases the chance of crashes with huge leaps. The idea of having just minimum settings on and getting great pictures is just a no go for me, i rather take the time for a good picture and enhance it further with Gimp.

I also take the best spots to take my pictures, any place won't do with my work. A plain photostudio isn't my thing either, I rather hate them for being cramped and small. Besides the obvious idea of having nothing around it to work with. Like plants and other objects. It all adds to my work!

If you love my pictures, please feel free to hire me for your pictures. Do note that you need to pay both ALL picture uploads as hiring fees. Fees are depending on the job.

Do I have a bear?

Yeah Just finished mine! You can IM me when ever you see me and ask me for a copy!

Quick Reference

  • Member of the Community Translator Project (Languages: Dutch, English)
  • Second Life Answers Volunteer

--Xaria Mistwallow 05:18, 15 July 2010 (GTM+1)