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About Me

I don't like writing, as it wastes time... so the only thing you'll see from me is code. (Except when I need to explain something, and then I will only explain half of it.)

I'm a recent MG immigrant. I joined the teen grid March 25th, 2006 - but now I'm new again. :)


Major LSL Projects

Here is a list of LSL projects that I'm working on. They will almost always be under development and will probably never be finished. Originally, this was just a list of projects that I would never finish because I worked on them only in my spare time (or lack thereof). However, now I've decided to also put projects that I actually work on here as well.
Scheme Interpreter - A scheme interpreter! Capable of running most scheme expressions.
Assembly-Like Programming Language - A compiler that runs an assembly-like program. This was first something different - called Czervik LSL Computer - but I had forgotten to update my profile to show that I had made something else until now.
Object_to_Data_v1.3 - A nice script that turns objects into data - allowing them to be transferred, or saved in notecards; as well as being put online. One of my bigger running projects.
BigNum Library (RSA Encryption) - A complex script that allows for efficient modular-multiplication. Useful for RSA Encryption (or any other mod-pow encryption).

LSL Scripts

Here is a list of the LSL projects I made for one reason or another, put up on the wiki, and then forgot about them. I usually don't update them, and they just sit around. Some of them are still useful, others are not. (If you can do better, by all means do so!)
AntiDelay_Node - Uses llMessageLinked to stop those pesky delays.
Efficiency_Tester - Tests the speed of a function.
Merge_Sort - Implements a Merge Sort in LSL, however this code is 300(ish) times slower than llListSort. Don't use this in a script!
Minesweeper - A simple minesweeper game.
No_Auto-Return_(Multi) - A revision of Bella's that works for multi-prim objects.
Phantom_Maker - An object that turns avatars into phantoms, without having to remain sitting.
Prefix_Calculator - A calculator that evaluates expressions in prefix notation.
Pseudo-random Number_Generator - Generates a Pseudo-random number between -0x7FFFFFFF and 0x7FFFFFFF
String_Compare - Compares two strings and reliably returns either 1, -1, or 0 if they are the same.

Wiki Projects

Here is a list of projects that I'm working on for the wiki. If you have some free time, add some to one of the following.
LSL Script Efficiency - How fast different parts of LSL run.
LSL Script Memory - How much memory different parts of LSL take.
Category:LSL_Needs_Example - I am trying to make this list have a length of zero.
Xaviar is currently on a crusade to change all of the code in <pre> tags to <lsl> tags. Please help out!