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Owner of the Protected Route Interest Group

Owner of

Owner of the Explorers Information Centres - Corsica East Heterocera Atoll Jeogeot Nautilus Snowlands(Sansara)

Owner of Greenlaners OFFROAD - SLurl (vehicle business)

Officer in the SLRR Rail Group

Test pilot for Real Flight Inc.

Member of the Honorable Car Dealers Association

Brief Biog:

  • Yevad began exploring mainland routes in Spring 2008 and quickly became addicted to them, particularly the unpaved "green lanes".
  • Since Summer 2008 he has been building off-road vehicles designed for use along the green lanes.
  • Since Autumn 2008 he has been surveying the routes and updating or making new maps for mainland routes.
  • Since early 2009, Yevad has been involving his original group (Greenlaners) in protesting obstructions along the routes via abuse reports.
  • Since early 2010 these activities continued via the ticket system and began to encompass defects along the roads.
  • In Summer 2010 the Protected Route Interest Group was created to greater reflect the group aims, following a consultation period with members.
  • In Summer 2011 the old Greenlaners website was recreated as for greater clarity as to its purpose.

Pages created by Yevad:

Route Problem Guide

Automated Mainland Vehicle Guidelines

Protected Route

Yevads Map Links:

The following links are to maps updated regularly on behalf of the Protected Route Interest Group. All maps are open source and permission to edit and re-distribute is granted, on the condition that they are distributed free thereafter. The sources for these maps are archive wiki pages (Linden_Department_of_Public_Works_Roads), route parcel names, the LDPW blog, support tickets and information gathered from the LDPW open office meetings.

Sansara Map

Heterocera Atoll Map

Jeogeot Map

Satori Map (amended Linden/Mole map)

Nautilus Map

Corsica Map

Zindra Map

TSL Network Map

Snowlands Map (details the off-road routes around Snowlands on Sansara)

Gaeta V Map (Linden/Mole map)

The P.R.I.G. sends updated versions in-world when available, the above sub-domains are always current. Further information available at

Real life info:

Resides in Britain.

With 10 years experience as a Civil Site Engineer, now works as a Design Co-ordinator for a major civil engineering contractor.