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Minutes for Zero Lindens Office Hour 5.8.2008

On the agenda were: Finding a secretary to record logs and summarised minutes for the wiki. Secondly TCP bundles, thirdly Event Queue, fourthly IBM, and lastly Login in 3 Acts. A secretary was addressed first and a volunteer selected to try and do as such for the meeting with Zero assessing the results at next week's meeting.

On the issue of TCP Bundles Zero Linden explained "BEEP is an RFC that defines a meta level protocol - it lets you build define a protocol and then run it over beep where beep can multiplex multiple protocols over the same connection - and unifies issues of authentication and network delivery", it was then discussed and decided that people would experiment with BEEP RFC 3080. It will be reviewed at next week's meeting.

Event queue was discussed next and the idea of opening new connections as clients requested them was raised. As was the idea of using links for any large objects, so that they can be pulled by the client instead of pushed.

Next Zha Ewry spoke about IBM, her employer, and stated that IBM now have their own sub-grid with a small set of regions and a private asset server on which new assets created in the sub-grid may not be exported to the main grid. She stated it was not directly related to interop, but they may experiment with Opensim.

Lastly whilst discussing the login process the issue of a client talking directly to region domain rather than agent domain talking to region domain was mentioned. The idea of a region domain controller as a separated node from region domain hosts was dismissed.