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I was present at Linden Lab's kick off for thier Open Architecture working group. This page represents some notes and impressions on the meeting, the process and the technical agenda.

Disclaimer: For those who don't know, I work for IBM. These notes are largely personal, but I was present and attending as a representative of IBM. I don't speak formally for IBM, but it is reasonable to assume that my thoughts are influenced by my professional role.


The meeting was held at Linden Lab's San Francisco offices. The ground rules were similar to Zero Linden's office hours. Everything said was in public, and would be posted to the Linden Lab Wiki. The meeting was split, with most of the people participating in person, but a small group in world, with the voice client on. A IRC channel was also used to bridge and support the meetings.

The overall structure of the meeting was in two parts. First, Linden presented their perceptions of the problems, the challenge and the process they were looking at following. Then, there was fairly open discussion about the issues raised in the first half.

The whole day's discussion was very interactive, and very low key. Zero mostly ran the discussion with a light hand, making sure people got a chance to talk, and also keeping thing moving as needed. Anyone who has attended his office hours, would recognize the style, only more coherent, in person, and, you can see him smile, as he does it.

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