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Observations of MDStyle OI

I TP'd to MDStyle OI #3 for the first time tonight. I'm doing my best to pretend I'm a new resident as I walk along. First, I notice the "Let's Move" sign. I don't recall having move controls enabled by default. Plus, the sign shows to right-click+[move controls]. I enabled my move controls and right-clicked all over... I got nothing if I clicked the control, and the pie menu if I clicked anywhere else. At the bottom, it suggests to "click 'R' to run". I couldn't make that work either. Anyway, down the corridor to the alt-zoom camera sign. It shows [left mouse click] + [alt key] + [slide mouse]. Ok... I get a zoom cursor, but the camera doesn't move. After some experimentation, I realize I have to hold [alt key] first, then click... doesn't work the other way around. Aside from that, I love one-way approach. People must learn to move first, and surprisingly, it doesn't come easy at all for many new residents. After I explored the island for a while, I realized there are no "sit" instructions. Someone sat on the merry-go-round but had to ask me how to stand up (he figured it out before I finished typing the answer).

The "Free Item Tower" sign is too high. By the time I was beyond the roadside billboards, the sign was off the top of my screen with the default camera. The teleport buttons should be left-click teleports... a simple fix that everyone else mentioned already. I did see a new resident walk in and teleport immediately. I asked how he knew and he said he had to ask a friend. Also, I think the button-pad could be better designed to indicate which floor a person is on and keep the same number in the same place on the pad. For example, the top-left button takes you to floor #5 unless you're on 6 or 7, then it's the top-middle button to get to floor #5. It's not a big deal, polish more than anythig else. Some of the freebie items are too high on the walls. I realize we expect people to know how to use the camera, but my experience is that new residents tend to forget about the camera, and they walk right up to signs and read with using alt-cam.

I really like the merry-go-round because it shows some possibilities of SL's building tools, and better yet, gives tutorials on how to build the ride pieces! Best of all, it's "free to copy". Unfortunately though, it can't be copied with the UI limits on the OI. But that's good, because maybe people will follow the free build tutorial notecards and "learn to fish (build)" rather than take the fish for free.

I also like the games area. It offers both a sample of the possibilities and a chance for new residents to hang out and make friends with other new residents. This is important because friends make SL go 'round.

I saw your header... and put it in my templates for the functions (and events). Was a good idea.Strife Onizuka 06:05, 28 January 2007 (PST)

Thanks for the heads up on the copyright violation, though you can take care of these yourself in the future, just list the page to be deleted on Rob Linden's page if it's mostly just copied. If it has significant non violating value then revert it. Gigs Taggart 09:18, 19 February 2007 (PST)