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The Mini-Map, positional and scaleable to occupy any place and size of your viewer's screen, shows a top-down view of your choice of observable range. Available ranges vary from around a 5m x 5m Zoom In to an approximate 5 x 5 region Zoom Out and is facilitated by scrolling in our out with your mouse's scroll wheel. There are numerous resource features represented in the map with the most significant one being your avatar position.

The yellow dot, shown as such in a normal viewing scale is actually white surrounded by yellow, represents your avatar. The four cardinal points, NSEW, and camera viewing angle gives you an accurate orientation as to where you are in relation to just how much of a viewing range you wish to encompass. Green dots are symbolic representations of other avatars should they be on the same Z plane (height) of your own. If other avatars are above your vertical position they are represented with a green caret ^. Similarily, if they are below your position they will appear as the inverted circumflex symbol.
avatar height levels

As the Lab techies, working tirelessly at all hours of the day and night toil mercilessly on their shiny new toy, additional features, without any documentation whatsoever, might show up. the addition of an X symbol isn't understood to this writer at this point.

The Mini-Map rotates to face the same direction you are.

To see more, bring up the World Map by left-clicking the Map button (or the Mini-Map).

  • You are the white dot with the yellow circle around it. What you can see is within the gray triangle.
  • Drag the Zoom slider in the lower right corner to zoom in or out.
  • The World Map doesn't rotate: North is always up.

The World Map can tell you lots more:

  • Looking for other people? They're green dots, just like on the Mini-Map.
  • Looking for things to do? Pink stars show special event locations. Double-click on them for more information.
  • Looking for stuff or land to buy? Click the "Background" drop-down menu in the upper right corner, and choose "Objects For Sale" or "Land For Sale".


  • The dots on the Mini-Map mean the same as they do on the regular map.
  • You can show or hide the Mini-Map with Ctrl-Shift-M.
  • If you see a green V pointing up or down, that means a person is up higher than you or lower than you.

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