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Mega Prim

Hey Henri! =)
I moved your additions to the Mega Prim article (as well as the argument in question) to the related talkpage. Maybe you can have a look at it there. The two discussions on the bottom.
Greetz, Zai signature.png Lynch (talk|contribs) 17:25, 11 November 2008 (UTC)

About "Downloads" page (08:20, 19 April 2010 Henri Beauchamp (Talk | contribs))

Hi, Henri! I want you to join this discussion ---> Talk:Downloads I want you to speak up here. And let's talk with other residents about that. ( And I suggest you not to say like that "@Mako Nozaki: I suggest you keep your hands off this Wiki page, unless you are a TPV developper..." I'm okay but any other residents might be frightened and stop any contribution on the wiki, because of they are "outsider" of the subjects. ) As you know, I am only an user of third-party viewers. My standpoint is, a viewer user and and a neutral wiki scribe. I don't look at you as an creator of the some viewer on this page, but as an scribe of Second Life Wiki. Everyone who edit this wiki are equally wiki scribe with neutral point of view. I'm busy with editing other pages so meanwhile I won't edit the page anyway. I'll wait and see the discussion. Thanks -- Mako Nozaki 10:33, 19 April 2010 (UTC)