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2008-08-11 : grr... lost a couple hours of work from a system hang while editing this page. Moral of the story: save early. save often.

Not sure what to call this stakeholder...

Imagine a corporate domain (consisting of an AD and an RD, say) in which certain objects created within any of its region domains are specially marked (by the creator, perhaps, or even by virtue of having been created in a certain part of the region(s) involved), and where those specially marked objects aren't supposed to leave the domain (because they are, or are likely to be, Company Confidential).

The stakeholder here isn't so much the end user (in some use-cases the end user might be a malicious employee, or just one that is in a hurry and would like to bypass the security), as it is the domain owner. Should this fit under "Domain Administrator", which is currently described mostly in technical IT terms, or should be be a separate stakeholder? Or is it perhaps a special case of "content creator", where "content creator" really needs to be unpacked into a variety of possible "rights owners who aren't the current object owner"?

-- Dale Innis 20:04, 25 August 2008 (PDT)