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Lum Pfohl's comments

These are awesome explanations. However, I've got a couple of questions.

In the course of navigating these settings, I'm sure that a number of people will change a few other values along the way - and even forget them. I know a couple of seasoned residents who came to Help Island with inexplicable video problems. After much teeth-pulling they indicated they changed a bunch of the debug setting values, and conceded one of them might be the culprit. But they could not remember which of the 20 or 30 settings they've changed - or even if the combination of those settings were giving them problems.

Is there a way to reset all of the values to the default at once? If there is, it would be noteworthy to mention in your page. The current RESET TO DEFAULT button only resets the currently selected debug setting.

This isn't a Debug Setting question, but I have been trying to find some information on it, nonetheless. In the CLIENT menu, there is a CLEAR GROUP CACHE option. What does this do?

Thanks! Lum Pfohl 04:24, 3 December 2007 (PST)

Torley Linden's reply

Gosh, nice way to do a comment here... sure looks neater than the usual bullet points. I'll follow your example. =)

I don't know a way to reset them all at once. Wish I did, or wish it existed — I agree it'd be very useful.

And re: "Clear Group Cache", I'm not 100% sure but it has to do with info in the Group Information Panel for each group. In summer 2006, I was editing XML files for group help text in there, and I was finding it laborious to relog after each change. Kelly said to use "Clear Group Cache", and that reloaded the XML files from disk and let me edit more spontaneously. I don't know if it still works as intended.

You're welcome, and thanks for perusing! --Torley Linden 16:33, 5 December 2007 (PST)

Nalates reply

It is possible to reset all the values at one time. It is a manual process.

The viewer has a settings.xml file stored in (Windows) C:\Users\[windows_login_name]\AppData\Roaming\SecondLife\user_settings\. With the viewer closed, delete the file. The viewer will recreate the file with the default settings.

Clearing this file is often the solution for a viewer failing on launch or crashing just after login. If your trying a settings clear as a troubleshooting step, save the settings.xml to another folder or rename it. If the file is not the problem, you can restore it.

Nalates Urriah August 8, 2011