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1) Welcome to the Apprentice Mentors group! Attending an orientation session is necessary to be moved into the Second Life Mentor group. Please go to the following wiki page for a list of orientation sessions: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Second_Life_Volunteer_Orientation If you do not see one that works with your schedule please check again in a few days. More will be added. Thank You! - The VTeam

2) Reminder: Apprentices will not be able to take on any of the roles in the Second Life Mentor group until they have taken an orientation session and been moved to Second Life Mentors. If you have applied for a role such as Linguist, Scribe, Buddy or Coach, please apply again after you are moved! Thank You! - The VTeam

3) Reminder: Apprentices who have not taken an orientation session by (Date) will be removed from group. Please go to the following page to see orientation session dates and attend one. https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Second_Life_Volunteer_Orientation - Thank You - The VTeam

4) Hello Mentors! This is a friendly reminder to check http://vteamblog.com for important updates, reminders, and communications. Thank You! The VTeam