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By: McCabe Maxsted
Viewer Version: 1.20
Information: Dazzle MC
Source: Download zip file
Dazzle MC skin for 1.20 by McCabe Maxsted
Select "Dazzle MC"

NOTE: This will provide a new skin selection. It won't change your current skins.

Installation Instructions

  1. Find your Second Life installation folder
  2. Go into the \skins\silver\ directory, and create a backup of colors.xml
  3. Download the source for this skin and save it as colors.xml in the \skins\silver\ directory, overwriting the original file if necessary.
  4. Switch to the "Silver" skin in preferences.

This is my version of Dazzle (now called the "Silver" skin).

I use it regularly, both as a "sandbox" skin to test out tweaks/edits to xml files, as well as my main skin while exploring SL. Here are the differences between Dazzle MC and 1.20:

(version numbers are for the skin)


  • Fixed the wrong version of floater_tools.xml that slipped in.


  • Added Link/Unlink to the pie menu.
  • Tools menu no longer autohides (change is being reversed anyway in an upcoming version).
  • Transparency can now be set to 100% from the Texture tab.
  • Changed up the menu a bit. Added:
    • High-res snapshot.
    • Quiet snapshot.
    • Compress snapshot to disk.
    • Stretch both sides.
    • Stretch textures.
  • Shortcuts for Edit Linked Parts (ctrl-shift-e) and stretch both sides (ctrl-b).
  • Selection and grid options now in sub-menus.


  • Updated file structure due to changes in RC13.
  • Removed custom fonts to allow for skin switching.
  • New selection in Skins preference panel: Dazzle Mc.
    • (Clicking the image doesn't work, but the radio button does).
  • Skin only overwrites one file now.
  • Removed search bar from the upper right. Checkbox in the preferences now toggles lag meter.
  • Replaced "Go..." (movement controls) in the pie menu with "Inventory".
  • Found a bug that causes the "Communicate" button to shrink in certain circumstances. Looking into it.


  • Added new fonts:


  • Updated floater_directory.xml.
  • Improved attachment pie menu for prim-based avatars (VWR-8080).
    • Attachments can be inspected as well as touched.


  • Friend requests and calling card offers can now be ignored to keep online status private (VWR-4826).
  • 0.005 was excessive. Cuts now increment at 0.025 (VWR-7877).
  • Changed "Select Texture" to "Select Face" (VWR-5962).
  • Changed Right Click > "Delete" in the Inv to "Move To Trash" (VWR-7238). The mac version makes more sense in this case.


  • Communicate button doesn't auto-resize anymore.
  • Removed the "Release Keys" button.
  • Fixed the spacing for the media/voice controls.
  • Chat history can now be minimized.
  • Changed the grid increments to 0.025.


  • Set cache size up to 10 GB.
  • Texture tab now increments at 0.025 instead of 0.1
  • Updated floater_directory.xml to RC9.


  • Single line toolbar.
  • Moved most of the old toolbar up into the menus. All shortcuts still work, and there are still icons for Communicate, Inventory, and Chat.
  • Slimmed down media controls. All icons in the toolbar now act as buttons.
  • Removed channel indicator in the voice controls (deemed it unnecessary).
  • Reorganized viewer menu (see VWR-7060 for a full list of changes).
  • New help commands:
    • Help > About Skin...
    • Help > Check For Skin Updates...
  • Added "Return" to Tools (VWR-1363).
  • Object location/size/rotation now show up to five decimal places. This makes getting rid of floating point errors possible, as well as allows for finer prim alignment.
  • Path cuts display to the fourth decimal place, incrementing by 0.005. (Path cuts don't handle five decimal places well).
  • Texture tab too displays five decimal places.
  • Can now touch HUD attachments through the pie menu (VWR-6571).