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Each wearable type is shown in its own section. Click Collapse Collapse and Expand Expand to show or hide each section.

Expand a wearable section to view Clothing, Attachments, or Body Parts.

Remove from outfit Remove from outfit   Enabled for worn items. Click to remove item from current outfit.
Edit Edit   Enabled when an item includes modify permission. Opens the Editing window for the selected item.
Add Add   Enabled for avatar Clothing items not worn. Click to add a clothing item for the selected type to your avatar outfit. Opens the Add More... section with inventory items listed matching the selected clothing type.
Lock Lock   Enabled when an item does not include modify permission.


Add More...   Opens or closes inventory wearable item folders or wearable item list for a selected wearable type.
Wearable Filter Wearable Filter   Dropdown of inventory wearables filtered by type.
Search Search   Opens the wearables search filter. Type into the search field to filter the list of wearables.


Click Gear Gear menu to choose these options:

New Clothes   Expands list of new clothing options. Click a new clothing item from the list to open the editing window for that clothing type.
New Body Parts   Expands list of new body parts. Click a new body part from the list to open the editing window for that body part type.


Shop Shop   Click to open the Second Life Marketplace web page.
Save Save   Saves changes to your current outfit. Click Up Arrow Up Arrow and choose Save As to save changes as a new outfit.
Undo Changes   Reverts all unsaved changes back to original settings.