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Edit your avatar's body shape and gender. The avatar shape parameters are separated into categories based on areas of your avatar's body.


  Shows the name of the shape worn by your avatar.
Gender selection

  Select the Male Male or Female Female radio button to designate your avatar's gender.

  Shows the height of your avatar in Meters or Feet.

Body, Head, Eyes, Ears, Nose, Mouth, Chin, Torso, Legs

  Each avatar body area is shown in its own section. Click Collapse Collapse and Expand Expand to show or hide each section. Adjust the parameters of your avatar's shape by moving the sliders. Thumbnail images show a preview of your avatar at each parameter's extreme settings. Click a thumbnail image to move the associated slider ten points toward that extreme.


Save As

  Saves a renamed copy of the item you're editing.
Undo Changes

  Reverts all unsaved changes back to original settings.