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What is my display name?

Your display name is a name you choose. It will appear above your avatar when you're inworld, and other residents can see it. It is non-unique, since other Residents may choose to use the same display name. Chat logs will show display names if the option to view display names is selected.

You can change your display name once a week. Exception: you can reset your display name to be your username at any time.

If you don't have a display name, the name above your avatar will default to your unique Second Life first name and last name.

What can I choose as a display name?

Your display name can be up to 31 characters long, and must contain at least one script character (for example, a letter of the alphabet or number). It can use most Unicode script characters, spaces, and some punctuation characters. Your display name cannot be all punctuation or all spaces.

The punctuation characters allowed are:

  • (') apostrophe
  • (-) hyphen-minus
  • (.) full stop
  • (:) colon
  • (·) middle dot
  • (֊) Armenian hyphen
  • (׳) Hebrew geresh
  • (״) Hebrew gershayim
  • ( ་ ) Tibetan tsheg
  • (‐) hyphen
  • (’) right single quotation mark
  • (‧) hyphenation point
  • (=) katakana-hiragana double hyphen
  • ( ・ ) katakana middle dot