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Help article in progress.

Name: Preview: LoD dropdown (LoD High, Medium, Low, Lowest) Gear icon dropdown (Show edges, Show textures)

Upload details Resource Cost: Physics Cost: Upload Fee:

Level of Detail tab

Select Level of Detail: selected via dropdown on left. highlights row in table, changes Level of Detail line below table. Color dot, Ship it! ***TODO: indicates...?***

Geometry (radio button selection)

  • Load from file
  • Auto generate:
    • Triangle Limit / Error Threshold, with number field
    • Build Operator dropdown: Half Edge Collapse / Edge Collapse
    • Queue Mode dropdown: Greedy / Lazy / Independent
    • Border Mode dropdown: Unlock / Unlock
    • Share Tolerance: number field
  • None

Normals Crease Angle: number field

Physics tab

radio button:

  • Use Level of Detail dropdown: Lowest / Low / Medium / High
  • File: filename field or Browse. *** TODO: what type of file? ***

Step 1: Analysis

Method dropdown: Surface / *** TODO *** Quality dropdown: Normal / *** TODO *** Smooth slider, with number indicator Close Holes (slow) checkbox. Analyze button

Step 2: Simplification

Method dropdown: Better Detail / *** TODO *** Passes slider, with number indicator Detail Scale slider, with number indicator

Preview Spread slider (0-100%) Triangles: Verticies: Hulls:

Modifiers tab