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Sets various technical aspects of your Second Life experience.


Maximum bandwidth

  Sets the maximum rate that the Viewer can download contnet (default is 500 kbps). Lower this value if you encounter a lot of packet loss and server-side lag. This is a maximum value; experiment to find the best value for your setup.
Custom port   Check to use a specific TCP/IP port, for example if you're behind a firewall.
Port number   Enter the port number to use.



  • Use my browser (IE, Firefox, Safari) to open web pages in your external web browser. Useful to bookmark a page externally or view content not accessible within Second Life.
  • Use built-in browser to use the Viewer's built-in web browser. If you select this, then the following choices take effect:
Enable plugins   Check to enable the built-in web browser to run plugins such as Flash.
Accept cookies

  Cookies are bits of info stored by websites, used for a number of purposes, including personalizing content. If you have privacy concerns, reject cookies by unchecking this option.
Enable Javascript   Check to enable the built-in web browser to run Javascript on web pages.
Enable Web proxy

  Check to set a web proxy to access Second Life in the Proxy location field. Enter the port in the port number field.
Software updates   Select whether the Viewer updates itself automatically (the default) or manually.
Adjust proxy settings   Click to open the Proxy Settings window.