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Use this window to manage parcel music, sound, and voice media.

Music URL   Enter a music stream address in M3U, MP3, OGG, or MP2 format for your parcel, which is played from the Nearby_Media controls.

NOTE: Music streams don't pass through Second Life's servers. If a music stream fails to play, see How to play streaming music in Second Life.


Restrict gesture and object sounds to this parcel   Select to disable gesture and object sounds playing on this parcel from being heard outside this parcel.

Avatar sounds

By default, avatar sounds are not restricted, and the Everyone checkbox is selected. To permit sounds to be played by
  • No one: Clear both the Everyone and Group checkboxes.
  • Group members only: Clear the Everyone checkbox, leaving Group selected.
For more information, see Hiding avatars and restricting avatar sounds.


Enable Voice

  Check to allow use of voice chat on your parcel.
Restrict Voice to this parcel

  Check to limit open voice chat to your parcel. You can't use spatial voice chat with others standing outside your parcel, but private voice calls still work. See Voice FAQ.