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Displays useful information about selected objects in the world and provides basic tools for the creation and manipulation of objects and terrain.

Focus Focus

Click and drag on any object or terrain to move your camera view. The way your camera reacts depends on what mode you have selected.

Zoom   Orbits on the horizontal plane around your focal point if you move your mouse left or right, and zooms in or out if you move your mouse up or down. You can also adjust zoom by moving the slider.
Orbit (Ctrl)   Orbits your view on the horizontal plane if you move your mouse left or right, and orbits your view on the vertical plane if you move your mouse up or down.
Pan (Ctrl+Shift)   Pans your view up, down, left, or right.

Move Move

Moves objects without using the Edit tools. These controls also exert a limited force on physics-enabled objects.

Move   Click and drag to move an object on the horizontal plane.
Lift (Ctrl)   Click and drag to move an object on the vertical plane.
Spin (Ctrl+Shift)   Click and drag to rotate an object in place.

Edit Edit

Moves and re-shapes objects with precision, regardless of physics.

Move   Click and drag one of the red, green, or blue axis arrows to move the object along its X, Y, or Z axis accordingly. You may also click and drag one of the multicolored triangles to move the object along a horizontal or vertical plane defined by any two axes.
Rotate (Ctrl)   Click and drag one of the rings to rotate the object about its X, Y, or Z axis. You may also click and drag the transparent white sphere to rotate the object freely on all axes.
Stretch (Ctrl+Shift)   Click and drag one of the colored boxes to stretch or compress the object along a single axis, or click and drag one of the white boxes to increase or decrease the size of the entire object. If the object is composed of two or more linked prims, only the white boxes are visible.
Select Face   Allows you to click and select individual faces of the object for the purposes of applying a single texture or media display.
Edit Linked   Allows you to select and individually edit prims in a linked set.
Stretch Both Sides   Stretches the object in both directions when you use the Stretch feature.
Stretch Textures   Stretches textures on an object to match changes you make to the object's size or dimensions.
Snap to grid   Snaps the object's movement and size to the nearest line on a regularly spaced grid.
Orientation dropdown   Determines the orientation by which the X, Y, and Z axes are displayed. Displays grid ruler types for object positioning.
World   Displays the axes relative to the world's orientation: The X axis runs East to West, the Y axis runs North to South, and the Z axis runs up and down.
Local   Displays the axes relative to the object's root prim.
Reference   Must be used in conjunction with Build > Options > Grid > Use Selection for Grid, which sets the scale of the grid used by Snap to grid specifically for this feature. Displays the building grid in units relative to the object's dimensions.
Forward Arrow Forward Arrow   Opens Grid Options, which contains several parameters for reconfiguring the building grid.

Create Create

Creates a new prim in the world. To create a new prim click one of the following icons, then click the ground:

Cube Cube Prism Prism Pyramid Pyramid Tetrahedron Tetrahedron Cylinder Cylinder
Hemicylinder Hemicylinder Cone Cone Hemicone Hemicone Sphere Sphere Hemisphere Hemisphere
Torus Torus Tube Tube Ring Ring Tree Tree Grass Grass

Tree Tree and Grass Grass are special prim types that can only be created on land you own or land owned by a group of which you are a member. Each of these prim types creates a random plant for use in landscaping or decoration. Grass and trees each count as one prim.

Additional Creation Options

Keep Tool selected   Keeps Create Create selected, allowing you to create multiple new objects without interruption. If this box is unchecked, the Build Tools window switches to Edit Edit mode each time you create a new object.
Copy selection   Creates a copy of the currently selected object instead of a basic prim.
Center Copy   Creates the new object on the center of the object face upon which it is rezzed.
Rotate Copy   Matches the rotation of the new object to the rotation of the object upon which it is rezzed.

Land Land

Allows you to terraform nearby terrain and perform other land-related tasks. For more information, see Build_Tools_-_Edit_Terrain.