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Just about everything under the sun has virtual equivalents that can be bought in Second Life. There's clothing, furniture, houses, vehicles, and gadgets (like animation overrides) which have no real-world counterpart. Most vendors are small businesses that appreciate your support: other Residents like you.


  1. Find a store. For example, enter a term like "jewelry" in the search bar, then press Enter ↵.
    • You can click the Classifieds tab to only show Resident ads that include that keyword.
  2. Click a listing that interests you, then click the Teleport button to go to the store.
  3. When you find something to buy, you can usually right-click the object and Buy or Pay it.

Second Life Marketplace

Second Life Marketplace is a website where you can buy SL virtual goods. To start shopping:

  1. Go to Second Life Marketplace and Login if you haven't already.
  2. Type a keyword and click Search.
  3. Click through listings to browse them. When you find something to buy, click Buy now. Follow the confirmations and the item is delivered to your inventory inworld.

For more information, see Marketplace articles in the Knowledge Base.


  • You need to get Linden Dollars before you can buy anything.
  • In many cases, purchased items arrive in a box that must be unpacked. Don't wear the box; instead, follow the Opening boxes instructions.