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You can choose a Resident as the target of one of several actions, including, but not limited to:


Type the partial or full name of the Resident you wish to choose (a search query must be at least three characters), then click Go to search. A list of top possible matches appears below the search field.

You can enter a partial match for first or last name. For example, if you enter "J Lin", all results include a first name beginning with "J" and a last name beginning with "Lin", such as "Jeremy Linden" and "Jon Linden".


Use this if the Resident you wish to choose is already on your Friends list.

If you've recently added a friend but they aren't showing up here, click .

Near Me

Use this if the Resident you wish to choose is nearby.


  Drag this slider to the left to decrease the range of Residents in proximity, and drag it to the right to increase the range. Goes from 5 to 130 meters.

  Click if Residents who have just entered your chosen range aren't showing up as expected. Changing the range also refreshes the list.