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The Conversation Log is a list of previous conversations, showing only names and dates. It is useful for recalling the name of someone you were chatting with, or making sure you return messages to all the people who contacted you while you were offline. Conversations are automatically removed from the list after 30 days. You can manually remove conversations from this log by pressing the button to the right of the list item.

Sort button Sort button   Provides options for sorting the conversation log, and a convenient link to View Nearby chat history, which opens a chat history window containing a transcript of nearby chat.
Gear button Gear button

  Select a conversation and click this button or right-click a conversation for the following options:
  • IM - Open the text conversation.
  • Voice call - Switch your voice chat to the selected conversation.
  • Open chat history - Open a new window containing the entire history of the conversation.
  • View profile - Open the profile of the selected Resident.
  • Offer teleport - Offer to teleport the selected Resident to your location.
  • Invite to group - Invite the selected Resident to your group.
  • Map - If the Resident allows you to see their location on the map, view their location.
  • Share - Share an inventory item with the selected Resident.
  • Pay - Send Linden dollars (L$) to the selected Resident.
  • Block/Unblock - Block (mute) or unblock the selected Resident.

Note: Most of the above options apply only to conversations with individual Residents. A multi-person conference only allows you to view chat history.