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Gives you control over the sky during Second Life's day cycle, used by the basic Environment Editor's Time of Day slider. Changes made occur locally, meaning only you see changes.

For more help, see the Day Cycle Editor video tutorial.


  Drag the downward-pointing arrow to scrub through what the day looks like at a given time. Nodes (the "bumps") on the timeline are keyframes which you can drag to set. Each corresponds to a sky preset. As the time of day progresses, the sky "animates" as it interpolates between these keyframes.
Add Key

  Creates a new keyframe at the the arrow's location. After setting a keyframe, you can change the Key Preset.
Delete Key

  Deletes the currently-selected or last-selected node.
Key Frame Settings

  • Key Frame - Instead of dragging a keyframe, you can specify a precise time of day.
  • Key Preset - Click a keyframe, then choose an existing sky preset; these are created in the Advanced Sky Editor.
Length of Cycle

  Sets how long it takes a complete timeline to animate. The default Second Life day is 4 hours, meaning the timeline happens in 1/6th of real-world time.

  Animates the day cycle.

  Stops animating the day cycle.
Use Estate Time

  Sets the day cycle to the same time in Region/Estate - Estate.
Save Test Day

  Saves the current test day. You can only have one test day at a time (but expanding how this works is planned for the future).
Load Test Day

  Restores the previously saved test day.