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The Experience Profile window displays information about an experience and allows you to Allow, Forget, or Block the experience or Report Abuse on that particular experience. If you are the owner of the experience, you may also Edit the experience profile.

Scope   An experience may be either Land-Scope or Grid-Scope. A Grid-Scope experience may affect you anywhere in the Second Life world, and Land-Scope experiences are limited to a specific Estate.
Rating   Lists the maturity rating of the experience.
Owner   Lists the owner of the experience
Group   Lists the group the experience is in, if any.
Allow   You may Allow to proactively give it permissions to affect your avatar. Allowed experiences do not need to ask you permission before acting on your avatar.
Forget   You may Forget an experience to make it forget your permissions. Forgotten experiences may ask for your permissions again.
Block   A Blocked experience cannot affect your avatar and will not ask you for any permissions.
Report Abuse   Opens a Report Abuse window with information about the experience (including the Experience ID) pre-filled. Select a category, add a summary, and fill in additional details before submitting the abuse report.

Edit   If you are the owner of the experience, you may click the Edit button to edit the following fields in the experience profile
Profile photo   Click the image at the top of the profile to choose an image from your inventory and display it as the profile photo for this experience.
Name   Edit this field to change the name of the experience.
Description   Add a description for this experience.
Group   Set a group for this experience.
Rating   Set a maturity rating for this experience.
Location   Click Set to Current to reset the experience location to your current location or Clear Location to set the location to (none).
Marketplace store   Add a URL to an appropriate marketplace store for your experience, or leave this field blank.
Enable Experience   Un-check to disable your experience.
Back   Return to the experience profile. Any unsaved changes will be lost.
Save   Save changes to your experience profile.