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Create new gestures or edit existing gestures when you have modify permissions. Gesture triggers can always be modified.


  The gesture's required name.

  Optional description explaining what the gesture does.

  Text shortcut to start the gesture. Triggers usually include / followed a few characters. A gesture must be active to be triggered: right-click the gesture in your inventory and choose Activate.
Replace with

  Optional text output the trigger is replaced with. Useful for expanding abbreviations into phrases. For example, if your Trigger is /hi and your Replace with is Friendly greetings!, entering the trigger results in Friendly greetings! appearing in local chat.
Shortcut Key

  Use the dropdowns to assign a keystroke that starts an Active gesture.


Choose Animation, Sound, Chat, or Wait and click Add >> to make it appear in Steps below. Only fully permissive animations and sounds can be used.


  Choose an Animation to play. In some cases, especially animations that loop endlessly, you can make the animation Start or Stop.

  Choose a Sound to play.

  Type text in the Chat to say field.

  Adds a pause between gesture Steps. Optionally, check until animations are done and/or enter time in seconds.


List of actions that are performed when the gesture is started.

Choose a step in the list and click Up or Down to move it. Click Remove to delete a step.

After editing:

  1. Click Preview to see your gesture. This button changes to Stop if it doesn't have a definite end.
  2. Check Active so your gesture can be triggered.
  3. Click Save to confirm changes.

Gestures have many subtleties. For more information, see the Gestures Guide.