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Sim Name

  To rename your region, enter a new name here and click Apply.

  Use to make the region be the initial region logged into by users (use only as workaround when other regions consist of all private estates).
Fixed Sun

  Fixes the position of the sun while in the region.
Reset Home On Teleport

  Do not use.


  Equivalent of Region/Estate option.
Block Traffic Tracking

  Do not use.
Block Terraform

  Equivalent of Region/Estate option.

  Do not use. Equivalent is just setting up auto return for several hours.
Estate ID

  Do not use. This must be "1" for Second Life Enterprise.
Parent ID

  Disabled. This must be "1" for Second Life Enterprise.
Grid Pos

  Displays grid position.
Redirect to Grid

  Do not use. Confirms direction of search for next available region for Logins and changes when Telehubs are in use.
Billable Factor

  Do not use. Old function of Linden Lab grids only.
L$ per square meter   Do not use. Sets the default price per meter when setting a parcel for sale.

This is a convenience feature for Linden Lab, and is a per-region setting, not grid wide.

Bake Terrain

  Equivalent of Region/Estate option. Saves current terrain to channel 9 in the RAW file to be used as the Revert point.
Revert Terrain

  Revert the entire region immediately.
Swap Terrain

  Revert the entire region immediately. Redundant option.
Select Region

  In Edit Terrain tools, easily selects the whole 65536m of the region.
Autosave Now

  Same as Save Region State.