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Filters can show or hide inventory items as well as sort them in special ways. This makes it easier to find things if you have a very large inventory. You can keep the filters open while viewing your inventory, which helps you understand how it works as you click on different settings.

Note that you have two different sets of filter settings, depending on whether the My Inventory or Recent tab is selected. In addition, if you use My Inventory's File > New Window, each new window also has its own set of filter settings.

Inventory item types

  Check or uncheck each of these items to show or hide them in your inventory.
  • Animations Animations
  • Calling Cards Calling Cards
  • Clothing Clothing
  • Gestures Gestures
  • Landmarks Landmarks
  • Notecards Notecards
  • Objects Objects
  • Scripts Scripts
  • Sounds Sounds
  • Textures Textures
  • Snapshots Snapshots

  Shows all inventory item types. Useful if you've hidden multiple types and now want to show them, but don't want to click one-by-one.

  Hides all inventory item types (the opposite of All). Remember what you set this to, because hiding all inventory items may mistakenly make you think they're lost or deleted when that's not actually true.
Always show folders

  Shows all folders in an inventory search, even those that don't contain any matches. If this is off, only enclosing folders containing search matches are shown, which looks neater.

These time-based options can be used on both the My Inventory and Recent tabs, but are primarily useful for Recent since its purpose is to show a subset of recently received items:

Since Logoff

  Controls which items the Recent tab displays. If checked, Recent tab always shows inventory items received since the last time you logged off. Logging off resets the list to show nothing.
Hours Ago and Days Ago

  Shows items you've received in the last week, couple of days, or other time interval entered here. You can use a combination: For example, if you enter 12 Hours Ago and 7 Days Ago, the Recent tab shows items you received in the last 7½ days, regardless of whether you've logged off or not.

  Hides the filters. Changes are always applied, so if you want to revert changes, in My Inventory, use File menu > Reset Filters.