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Home Page   Sets the home media URL for this face.
Preview   Shows a preview of the media at the current URL.
Current Page   Shows the URL of the media currently displayed on this face. Click this link to open the URL in an external browser.
Reset   Resets the current URL of the media face to the home URL. Resetting affects all Residents who are viewing the media.
Auto Loop   Replays media automatically when it finishes playing. Only applicable for certain media types (some videos, etc.).
Auto Zoom   Automatically centers your view on this media face when you click it (for easier media viewing).
Auto Play Media   Automatically starts playing media when a Resident comes into range. This setting can be overridden by a Resident's Nearby Media settings.
Auto Scale Media on Face of Object   Automatically "stretches" your media to fit the face it's displayed on, based on existing X and Y values. If you have already set very large or small X and Y values, this option uses those values as a starting point. When this box is unchecked, you can scale your media manually by choosing X and Y values, measured in pixels.