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Shows your picks and classifieds, if you have any in your profile. Click and to toggle each section.


Picks show some of your favorite Second Life places. Choose wisely: you can have up to ten picks.


  Click to open the Pick Info tab for a specific pick listing.


Use classified ads to advertise products, events, and other exciting stuff you want to get the word out about. While classifieds are shown in your profile, they're also publicly searchable from the Search window's Classifieds tab.


  Click to open the Classified Info tab for a specific Classified listing.

More options

Picks and classifieds share these buttons:

  Adds a New Pick or a New Classified.

  Click a pick or classified to select it, then click to delete it. You're asked to confirm deletion.

Right click for these options:


  Shows extended information about the selected pick or classified. Does the same thing as clicking .

  Teleports to the selected pick or classified's location so you can explore it.

  Shows the selected pick or classified's location on the World Map.