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A notecard, or "note," is a plain text file used to provide information for numerous purposes.

To create your own notecard:

  1. Choose in the sidebar.
  2. In the My Inventory menu, choose Create > New Note.

Notecards that you can edit are shown with a white background.

You can type and copy and paste text in a notecard, then click Save to save your changes.

You can add a full-permissions item to a notecard as an "embedded attachment" by dragging the item from your inventory onto the notecard, where it's shown along with its icon and name.

Notecards you can read but can't edit are shown with a dark background and Lock Lock.


  The notecard's description. By default, it's the date and time of its creation, but you can replace it with something else.

  Saves your notecard. It may take several seconds; the notecard's background changes to a dark color as it's saving, and returns to white when the save is complete.