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Use these controls to change your viewpoint in the Second Life world. Press Esc at any time to snap your camera view back to your avatar.

Click to control camera position relative to its focus:

  • Orbit Orbit - Orbits your view around whatever you are currently looking at.
  • Zoom - Use the center slider to zoom your camera in or out.
  • Pan Pan - Pans your camera's position relative to its current rotation.

Click Preset Views Preset Views to select one of three preset views:

  • - In front of your avatar, looking back at it
  • - Over your avatar's left shoulder.
  • - Default position behind your avatar.

Click to select a camera viewing mode (press Esc to exit):

  • Object View Object View - Click and hold your mouse over anything to focus on it; move the mouse left and right to orbit your view around the object, or up and down to zoom in and out. Shortcut : Press and hold the Alt.
  • Mouselook View Mouselook View - Behind your avatar's eyes: Move your mouse to look around freely. Your avatar turns to face the direction you look.

Undock this window from the task panel by clicking the title bar and dragging it upward. To reattach it to the task panel, click .