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Allows you to preview all Voice Morphs currently offered, and provides a link to subscribe to Morph Packs. Each Morph Pack subscription entitles you to 30 days of usage with each morph in the pack. Morph Pack subscriptions are stackable, so each successive subscription to the same pack adds 30 days to that pack's expiration date.

Record   Click to record a brief sample of your own voice using your computer's microphone. When you are done recording, click Stop. Once you have recorded a sample, you can click any Voice Morph in the list to hear your voice as it will sound to others when that morph is active.
Subscribe Now   Opens the Second Life website, where you are provided with a SLurl to a load-balanced instance of Voice Island. Voice Island hosts inworld vending machines for all Morph Pack subscriptions.
Voice Name   Lists all currently-offered Voice Morphs. Morphs to which you are subscribed are displayed in bold.
Expires   Lists the expiration date and time for all morphs to which you are subscribed. To add time to a morph's expiration date, re-subscribe to that Morph Pack.

Voice Morphs can be accessed and activated from the Nearby Voice panel, which you can open by pressing the arrow next to Speak on the bottom bar.