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Settings affecting your region's general appearance.

Water Height

  Leave this at 20.000 unless you're sure what you're doing; otherwise water on adjacent regions and the edge of the world appears with a strange gap.
Terrain Raise Limit

Terrain Lower Limit

  Determines how high or low parcel owners can alter their terrain, relative to how the terrain has been baked (see below). Decrease the range if you don't want parcel owners to make harsh mountains and valleys. See Land Limits.
Use Estate Sun

  Makes this region use the same time of day as other regions in the estate, set in the Estate tab. If this is off, crossing across region borders may result in abrupt time of day changes.
Fixed Sun

  Check this and adjust the Phase slider to make the time of day always stay the same.

  Click to make all of the above changes take effect.
Download RAW terrain

  Saves the current terrain as a RAW file. You'll be prompted that the download takes a few minutes. The RAW file can be uploaded to restore this region's terrain shape in the future or copied to another region.
Upload RAW terrain

  Opens a file chooser so you can restore a saved RAW file. See Tips for Creating Heightfields and Details on Terrain RAW Files.
Bake Terrain

  Sets the baseline terrain elevation, as well as the shape when the Revert tool is used. Bake terrain after you're happy with terraforming the region. For example, if a flat parcel is 50m high, Terrain Raise Limit is 20m and Terrain Lower Limit is 15m, and you just clicked Bake Terrain, the parcel owner can raise it to 70m or lower it to 35m.