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Use this window to set your land for sale to anyone or a specific Resident.

Image   If a parcel image was set in the About_Land_-_Options tab, the image will show here. This box defaults to a gray texture when no image is present.
Parcel   Shows the name of the parcel provided on the About_Land_-_General tab. This is the parcel name that will show in search if you list your parcel to Show Place in Search on the About_Land_-_Options tab.
Size   Shows the size of the parcel in m2. Parcels listed to Show in Search must be 128m2 or larger.

To sell this parcel:

Set a sale price   Enter a price in Linden dollars (L$) into the L$ box provided.
Sell the land to   Select Anyone or Specific Person' from the dropdown. Selecting Specific Person opens the Choose_Resident window.
KBcaution.png Important: If you set your land for sale for L$0 or another very low price and select Anyone to sell the land to, any Avatar can purchase the land for the price you set. Review your information carefully before setting your land for sale.
Sell the objects with the land   Use this option to determine if the contents on the parcel will be part of your land sale.
KBtip2.png Tip: Once your parcel has sold, the new owner could restrict access on the parcel to suit their needs. If you did not include objects in the sale, it is beneficial to take those objects back to your inventory before setting the land for sale.
Show Objects   Click to highlight all objects on your parcel.
Set Land For Sale   After you have reviewed your land sale information, click to set your land for sale.
Cancel   If you have not Set Land For Sale, click to cancel your land sale and close the Sell Land window.
KBcaution.png Important: REMEMBER: All sales are final.