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To create a new preset:
  1. Type a new name in the Preset Name field.
  2. Adjust the settings as desired.
  3. Click Save.
To edit an existing preset:
  1. Choose one from the Preset Name list. Do not modify the name!
  2. Adjust the settings as desired.
  3. Click Save.

Select Make this preset my new sky setting to also make the preset your current setting.

See Region Environment Settings for more information.

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Cloud Color

  Sets the cloud color. White generally looks most realistic, but you can simulate alien planets with strange colors.
Cloud Density

  Controls cloud positions with the X and Y sliders and how dense they are with the the D (Density) slider.
Cloud Coverage

  Controls how much the clouds cover the sky.
Cloud Scale

  Controls how frequently the cloud image repeats on the sky dome; lower values look artificial.
Cloud Detail

  Controls the detail image layered on top of the main cloud image. X and Y control its position; D controls how puffy or fractured the clouds appear.
Cloud Scroll X

Cloud Scroll Y

  Controls cloud speed as they move in the X and Y directions. Lock freezes them.