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A telehub (teleport hub) allows an estate owner or manager to set where Residents teleport into their region. This is usually done to control the experience: for example, set a telehub at the help area of your shopping mall to ensure it's the first thing visitors see.

  • Allow Direct Teleport in Region/Estate - Estate must be disabled for a telehub to work estate-wide.
  • A telehub is connected to an object that must remain inworld; otherwise, the telehub needs to be reconnected. There can only be one telehub per region.
  • A telehub object is commonly a phantom, an invisible cube raised above the ground used solely for positioning.
  • A spawn point, which can also be the telehub if there's a single spawn point, sets where incoming Residents arrive.
  • Advanced usage: Multiple spawn points can be set up around the telehub, and move relative to the telehub object being moved. This is fairly uncommon.
  • A telehub has no effect on its estate's owner or manager, so if you want to test them, ask a friend or use an alt.
  • A telehub is shown with a yellow beacon when the Telehub window is open. A spawn point is shown in orange.
  • See Estate and Private Region Telehubs and Direct Teleport.
Connect Telehub

  1. Right-click an object that's located where you want to set the telehub and select Edit.
  2. Click Connect Telehub.

  Removes a selected object from being a telehub.
Spawn Points

  Each coordinate shown is relative to the main telehub object. If the spawn point is the same as the telehub, it appears as "0.0, 0.0, 0.0".
Add Spawn

  1. Select the telehub object (or another object near the telehub) where you want incoming visitors to appear.
  2. Click Add Spawn. The coordinates are added to the list.
Remove Spawn

  Removes a selected entry in the Spawn Points list.