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  The texture's name in your inventory after it's uploaded. You can leave it as-is or rename it to something more meaningful.

  Optional, additional text details about the image.
Preview image as:

  Select an option from this dropdown to see how the image appears when used in Second Life, including being mapped to different parts of your avatar as shown in the Appearance Editor or sculpted prims. You can choose from:
  • Image - The default.
  • Hair
  • Female Head
  • Female Upper Body
  • Female Lower Body
  • Male Head
  • Male Upper Body
  • Male Lower Body
  • Skirt
  • Sculpted prim
Use lossless compression

  Second Life normally applies a lossy compression to uploaded images, meaning they'll appear a bit fuzzier but load quicker. However, lossy compression isn't desirable for when exact precision is needed, such as the values used in sculpted prims and certain other smaller textures. Check this box if that's your intent. Note that lossless compression only applies to smaller textures, as described on our Issue Tracker.
Upload (L$10)

  Confirm uploading your image after previewing it. Each uploaded image deducts L$10 from your balance.

  Closes the window.