Volunteer Group IM Guidelines

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Out of Date

The volunteer information on this page is now out of date and will be kept for historical purposes. Please do not update information on this page.

The following are the formal guidelines to be followed in the Volunteer Group IMs:

Please remember, the Mentor Group Instant Message (IM) channel can reach over 3000 people and is not a general conversation channel. Make sure to use the channel only for important issues. Questions and concerns that do not need to be broadcast to the whole volunteer group should be brought up in a separate communication venue (see Second Life Mentor Q&A).

IM Policy:

  • If asking a question, please add: "Please IM me" at the end of the question. This will help remind about the correct procedure.
  • If there has been a question posted, please refrain from further commentary on the topic.
  • If you can answer the question, please send the answer in private IM.

Use the Channel for Helpful Reference:

  • Do encourage the use of wiki, Knowledge Base and public jira as needed.
  • Do contact Linden Support via the Support portal at http://secondlife.com/community/support.php if a Linden is required for support related concerns. Using the Mentor Channel to call for a Linden is inappropriate and is not permitted.
  • Do file an Abuse Report via Help->Report Abuse... for abuse, harassment or griefing concerns.
  • Only VTeam Lindens will post reminders about the channel guidelines or alternative groups as needed. This is not a volunteer's responsibility in the Mentor channel.

Use the Channel to Rally Volunteers:

  • Do use the channel if you would like to gather a group of helpers.
  • Do use the channel to ask for additional helpers if a volunteer location is very busy.
  • Do use the channel if you are seeking a volunteer who speaks a certain language. Only reply to those type messages if you do speak the language.

Use Channel Etiquette:

  • Do be courteous to your teammates in the group channel.
  • Do avoid general conversation...Try other venues for friendly chatter, such as a meetup at SL Volunteer Island.
  • Do avoid disputes. Agree to disagree! Please keep debates in Private IMs.
  • Please remember....there's no need to respond if your answer is "sorry I don't know."


Second Life Mentors are expected to know the group channel guidelines and abide by them. If a Mentor does not follow the guidelines they may be removed from Mentors group. At that time they will need to reapply via the website and note the application with "Reapply due to Mentor group channel." Please contact a VTeam Linden after you reapply for membership.

  • Mentors who have been moved back to Apprentice group more than twice risk losing membership in the Official Mentors group permanently.

For Mentors moved back to the Apprentice Group:

  • Attend one orientation session.
  • Notify a VTeam Linden when you have completed the session. Please have the session date, time and Coach's name. Please allow up to 48 hours to be placed back into the Mentors official group. (If your session took place over a weekend, it may take an additional 48 hours)