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WWII Central is one of many examples of a combat region in Second Life. You can check it out anytime by visiting WWII Central(Tulagi). It's different from most other combat regions in that New Jessie is neutral and open to everyone. Anyone is welcome to visit and to engage in combat there, using Second Life's most popular combat system, also known as VICE. For combatants looking for active combat or a permanent home, WWII Central provides free gear to all visitors as well.

Geared towards VICE weaponry and vehicles, it’s the only that allows for direct access to over 40 combat regions for warship and aircraft combat, with WWII Central serving as the regions for both infantry and vehicular combat. It’s made with the highest quality assets available. From custom made mesh to interactive scripted elements, we have it all.

WWII Central is about the closest Second Life can get to a first-person shooting game. Anyone there can use an allowed WWII weapon or vehicle to fight anyone they want on the battlefield at any time. A capturable flag system is in place as an objective.

Weaponry on the battlefield

Combatants are welcome to bring their own whitelisted weapons, purchase weapons at Tulagi's store area, or use the the free weapons provided to visitors. Combat in WWII Central is mostly conventional - you'll see armored tanks rolling down streets, aircraft whizzing through the skies, shells flying from large warships and plenty of infantry throughout.


A crashed aircraft in the woods.