WindLight/Office Hours/2007-11-15

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Torley Linden: Friendly greetings everyone!
Daedalus Young: hello
Jeremy Linden waves
Torley Linden: Was this event already announced in the First Look group?
Torley Linden: If not, it should be! =D
Daedalus Young: I saw it on the blog
Daedalus Young: every Resident should read that :P
Torley Linden: Ahhh thanks Daed, well a late-minute reminder should help too...
Torley Linden: for those who didn't see...
Jeremy Linden fails at sitting.
Torley Linden: Hmmm BigPapi I got a group chat failure message.
Torley Linden: That doesn't sound good! :\
Daedalus Young: ooh, you look like a Duke Nukem beast as Impostor, Torley
Pastrami Linden: lol
Torley Linden: Hey BigPapi, remember the color banding issues from this morning?
Hevenz Vansant: hiya lindens
Brad Linden: Hi all
Torley Linden: Andreas Winger said that worked for him too, TURNING OFF CATALYST AI.
Pastrami Linden: thx
Asiana Jewell: hi.....saph
Asiana Jewell: saph ?????
Torley Linden: Good thing to remember as we run into further cases...
queenbeeUAE Akina: cool jj
Sappheire Demina: hi asi, IMs
Asiana Jewell: kk
Surrealia Anatine: has ATI 9200 issues been brought up yet? :\
Runitai Linden: no, not yet, what's up?
Surrealia Anatine: i can't use the advanced sky or water settings... in windlight 1 everything was perfect.. but not this time?
You shout: Look who's coming in! Welcome to the WindLight office hour!
Felowen Dodge: hey hey
BigPapi Linden: Can you see clouds in the sky (not the classic viewer clouds, but 2d clouds all over the skydome)?
Hevenz Vansant: HoOoOoOo!!!
Hevenz Vansant: HoOoOoOo!!!
Zen Linden: hmmm ati 9200... yeah, not this time. it's not a directx 9 card unfortunately and we need that to run all of our shaders well
Hevenz Vansant: im runnin an nvidia 8600GT with full settings and direct x 10 and it's lookin sweet
Surrealia Anatine: well, i can see clouds lol.. not sure if there is a difference ... i can change the time of day settings too.. just not the advanced stuff
Torley Linden: Right on...
Felowen Dodge: questions supposed to be typed or can we ask in voice?
Pastrami Linden: prefer text
Felowen Dodge: okie doke
A C: Hello every body, is there a bug with the mouselook ? I can't use the mouselook without crashing 5 sec after
Torley Linden: Ahh yes A C, I know of that one!
Torley Linden: I spotted it on the Issue Tracker too, have you seen it there?
Farallon Greyskin: The new shaders are Direct X?
Pastrami Linden: a fix has already been checked in (?)
A C: yes
BigPapi Linden: farallon: they are glsl
Torley Linden: That is a KNOWN issue and I believe Runitai checked in an earlier fix for it... ?
Farallon Greyskin: Is the entire rendering pipeline Dx now or can you actually combine the two?
BigPapi Linden: but we use direct x to denote which generation of shader capability you have since they make that a bit clearer.
Felowen Dodge: 2 issues noticed thus far. First, mouselook causing crashes...second is costume mask rendering and hair...not rendering too well
Runitai Linden: this is the first I've heard of a mouselook crash, must have been another dev
Hevenz Vansant: windlight actually runs better for me than the standard viewer
Zen Linden: Farallon: no, we just use directx 9 as a marker for cards. All our shaders are in glsl
Torley Linden: Runitai, I'll dig up the issue...
Pastrami Linden: Hevenz, good to ehar it!
Farallon Greyskin: Oh, ok, I thought that's the way it was :D
Hevenz Vansant: me too :p
A C: for a tiny, mouselook is very usefull :)
Hevenz Vansant: ha ann :p
Runitai Linden: Felowen: do you have a screenshot of the second issue?
Felowen Dodge: no but I can go get one real quick
Tiberious Neruda: whoa... nice collection of Lindens here...
Tiberious Neruda: erm... has the issue that's bugging me the most been addressed yet?
Felowen Dodge: cause it looks horrible
Torley Linden: And what issue is that, Tiberious?
Felowen Dodge: brb
Torley Linden: Do you have an Issue Tracker # ? :)
Tiberious Neruda: would be being unable to right-click on someone's name
Tiberious Neruda: not yet, no
Torley Linden highly recommends if you have a bug, ESPECIALLY if you can repro it, please make sure it's on
Torley Linden: Oh yes, that's WELL KNOWN ABOUT
Pastrami Linden: hehe
Torley Linden: :)
Pastrami Linden: yeah I think that one's on pjira already ;)
Torley Linden: Yes it is... and isn't it already fixed internally?
Torley Linden: Just needs to be checked in, in the next release?
Pastrami Linden: not yet
Runitai Linden: no, we've been working on it
Torley Linden: Oh... right...
Torley Linden: thanks.
Tiberious Neruda: ok
Runitai Linden: but it's one of those heisenbugs
A C: what did you wait 5 monthes between the first Windlight and this one ?
A C: why*
Pastrami Linden: A.,
Pastrami Linden: as you'll see,
Pastrami Linden: a trmendous amount has changed
Pastrami Linden: the first one was almost like a teaser
Torley Linden: I'm hearing multiple times about "I only see 256 colors on ATI", so if you have that issue, try turning off Catalyst AI in Control Panels.
Torley Linden: That has helped a number of Residents already.
Pastrami Linden: done without as much hardcore bulletproofing
Pastrami Linden: this version is much more stable, faster,
Pastrami Linden: and has many more features!
A C: but you could'nt done that with First Look online ?
Torley Linden: In addition A. there was SO much that happened in the interim... I had the chance every now and then to write project updates @
Torley Linden: Some stories of daily sagas we came across.
Pastrami Linden: A., unfortunatelym no
Pastrami Linden: ^,
A C: ok
Runitai Linden: not as quickly
Pastrami Linden: right
Torley Linden: A., there were a lot of other new features & fixes in releases being worked on too; it may've been too confusing to have them all out at once. But your passion and interest is of course appreciated, now that WindLight is OUT again.
Runitai Linden: there was enough obviously wrong with it that we weren't blocked on finding new bugs, but on developer and QA resources
Torley Linden: Multiple reasons.
A C: do you plan to put the First Look offline in few weeks ?
Pastrami Linden: no
A C: ok, thank you :)
Torley Linden: I'm glad you asked though,
Pastrami Linden: unless a meteor hits our office
Runitai Linden: now, after a log of hard work, we're ready for public testing and feedback again, and we have the resources available to respond to resident issues
Torley Linden: I've heard dozens of people tell me...
Pastrami Linden: hahaha
A C: :)
Torley Linden: IMs, emails, comments, etc.
Hevenz Vansant: one thing i noted with the windlight viewer is that it sure makes those linden trees look worse:p
Torley Linden: It's well-heard and understood. :D
Pastrami Linden: no no, it's ready now
Tiberious Neruda: umm.... what about the bandwidth bars for the top-right corner?
Pastrami Linden: Hevenz, oh- we know!
Hevenz Vansant: lol
Torley Linden: Tiberious: That's not specific to WindLight;
Torley Linden: that's part of the general 1.18.5 RC...
Tiberious Neruda: I know, but it seems to be the new search...
Torley Linden: and I do know some people have requested having those meters back, or Search bar as an option, etc...
Torley Linden: I've forwarded some of those concerns to Stephany and Jeska on Search Team.
Tiberious Neruda: yeah. I'm in with that crowd myself
Hevenz Vansant: yeah i noted in 1.18 that scripted prims seem to show through linked prims too which is quite irritating
Flight Band: All Go
Tiberious Neruda: I mean, really, why have that there if there's ALSO the search button below, as well as the almost-standard Ctrl-F?
Torley Linden: Tiberious, some Residents say it's handy in the same way as having a search bar in your web browser.
Torley Linden: Depends on your usability style I suppose.
Torley Linden: A few extra clicks and seconds of wait time can add up to a lot for some people.
Torley Linden: I do know the menu bar is pretty cramped tho, esp. with Client and Server menu open.
BigPapi Linden: Windlight is almost a force multiplier. It makes everything look prettier but some of the old rendering technology (such as trees and terrain) look much more low tech now by comparison.
Lillyann Chaplin: Yes, but these search things are mostly add-ons... and shoube be sub-tracts too :)
Hevenz Vansant: yup true
Dimitrio Lewis gave you RenderTreeLODFactor = 7.500.
Torley Linden: Yeah, so we'll keep sifting through that feedback and make further decisions on that, I'm sure.
Torley Linden: Wow nice photo Dimi.
Torley Linden: *looks at it*
Hevenz Vansant: heh
A C: it seems that ATI cards have more bugs than NVidia, is it right ?
Torley Linden: Ah yes, the Sheer Surreality preset. How wacked out is that.
Dimitrio Lewis: :)
Tiberious Neruda: LOL
Tiberious Neruda: oh... also, and this might sound like a stupid question, but...
Meni Kaiousei: I hear a lot of complaints about textures looking worse in the lightning.. is this something we need to get used to, or are you still working on the lightning?
Pastrami Linden: Meni
Pastrami Linden: we are definitely working on it
Pastrami Linden: it is a known problem
Pastrami Linden: and we'll try to get things looking similar to before
Tiberious Neruda: is there any way to have a 'personal' day cycle with these nifty new features?
Pastrami Linden: mostly at noon/default
Torley Linden: A C: I'll let our graphics devs speak more to that but I think that's generally been a longtime woe with their OpenGL implementation and I know it was a general problem before WindLight...
Pastrami Linden: Tiberious,
Runitai Linden: A C: hard to tell if ATI bugs are more prevalent, they're certainly different. It really depends on which card we were using to write the code at the time.
Pastrami Linden: yes-
Torley Linden: Specifically with ATI... I've so far come across a good number of people who had a "256-color banding" problem which was resolved by turning OFF Catalyst AI in their Control Panel.
Farallon Greyskin: Did anyone hear my suggestion about the dual above/below water fog sliders? Not sure if it's possible but it seems like bleow you want the fog low for good under water viewing but above you want it higher for good color...
Hevenz Vansant: yeah it seems the lighting can overpower some of the textures, is there a possibility of making prims block the light or can the physics engine not handle this?
Torley Linden: I think we'll want to broadcast that wider.
Zen Linden: Farallon: I did
Tiberious Neruda: well, I'm thinking more along the lines of one that would persist between logins
Pastrami Linden: @Tiberious
Farallon Greyskin: k :)
Torley Linden: Farallon, you bring up an intriguing point I was thinking about the other day, because I know the default water is pretty dark underneath...
Pastrami Linden: go to Day Cycle Editor
Pastrami Linden: and you can "Save Test Day"
Tiberious Neruda: mmk...
Pastrami Linden: after finding one you like
Hevenz Vansant: chekc that pic out torley on how it made our club look
Torley Linden: there's an internal issue that Tofu Linden raised mentioning that very point, Farallon.
Hevenz Vansant gave you Snapshot : Empyrean, Empyrean (209, 190, 60).
Zen Linden: Farallon: I left myself a todo for that at some point. Bugs first, but then yeah, I think you're right. Keep the mer-people happy :)
Torley Linden: Wow I am getting some awesome snapshots here! /me is fond of WindLight snapshots of course... :o)
Farallon Greyskin: :)
Hevenz Vansant: ;p
Torley Linden: Hahaha "mer-people"!
Zen Linden: I'm feeling zoolander quotes coming
Torley Linden: It's so good to have you guys with us... most of us are standing, I notice!
Torley Linden has never seen Zoolander but is told I'd like it.
Torley Linden: I'm taking pictures of us and sending them to mah photostream.
Tiberious Neruda: but what I'm looking at trying is one that would be a) 24-hour, and b) keyed to some kind of actual time
Hevenz Vansant: andrew said he might move office hours to our location :p
Tiberious Neruda: and yes, would follow me between logins
Torley Linden: Hehe, why's that Hevenz? *smile*
Pastrami Linden: Tiberious
Pastrami Linden: that depends on the parcel you're on
Lillyann Chaplin: Quick note... the colorbanding is also present without the AI... on a x850 :)
Hevenz Vansant: cause he liked the look :p
Pastrami Linden: we *always* keep track of parcel time
Pastrami Linden: but now the Day Cycle makes it look pretty ;)
Pastrami Linden: so if you're on the mainland, for example
Torley Linden: Lillyann, hmmm let's see then, in your ATI Control Panel, do you have it set to override SL's own graphics preferences?
Pastrami Linden: it gracefully goes through different times
Torley Linden: I'm not deeply familiar with them but there may be something else affecting it.
Hevenz Vansant: yeah the cycle is nice and smooth
BigPapi Linden: Lillyann, try setting all your graphics settings in the ATI control panel to "let the application decide" that also solved it for someone else.
Farallon Greyskin: I saw someone else with an ati having the color banding, it LOOKED ilke the driver or the textures were rendering in 16 bit mode instead of 32. Didn;t find a fix.
Torley Linden: Thanks BigPapi, that's what I was pondering too.
Lillyann Chaplin: Yes, I use the ATI Tray tools... the Catalyst Panel is not installed
BigPapi Linden: Lillyann, the banding is usually a driver issue caused by the driver degrading the shader quality automatically for performance reasons.
Tiberious Neruda: maybe I'm not being clear enough...
Torley Linden doesn't have an ATI card to test, but some of our Lindens do.
A C: how many update do you plan for First Look a month ?
Tiberious Neruda: under the old system, a 'day' here is 4 hours...
Runitai Linden: A C: depends on the rate of progress. Probably around 1 a week
Torley Linden: You should be able to see fixes get cycled in pretty quickly...
Hevenz Vansant: could the color banding also be due to color depth?
Torley Linden: Oh gosh this sparkly water just AMUSES MY EYES!
Runitai Linden: we're hoping windlight won't be in firstlook for nearly as long as the last batch of render pipeline improvements
Hevenz Vansant: ha torley it rocks
Torley Linden remembers when Steve kept doing so many blog posts for that, Runitai!
Lillyann Chaplin: I will try the settings... just a moment :)
Torley Linden: Speaking of blog, we will have more posts with news + goodies and whatnots... I hope you all have already seen Pastrami's jumbo post and Jeremy's documentation.
Farallon Greyskin: I can;t wait for LSL control of windlight parcel settings.
Brad Linden: Tiberious: have you used the "Use Estate Time" button? It should still track the 4 hour day cycle
Farallon Greyskin: One thing about games like oblivion that is great is the daily variability in the "weather".
Tiberious Neruda: well, that's the thing...
Farallon Greyskin: There is so much variability possible with WL, it is a shame to have it locked down to a single pattern every cycle
Daedalus Young: ahh, an additional "Year Cycle"
Tiberious Neruda: I'd prefer a more... realistic setting...
Torley Linden mutters something about randomosity...
Torley Linden: ;)
Pastrami Linden: oh Tiberious-
Dizzy Banjo: howdy folks :)
Hevenz Vansant: i think ya need to get rid of the older cloud formations they seem to bring down the feel of the windlight renderings and look more like LA smog
Torley Linden: Howdee!
Pastrami Linden: you mean like a slower cycle?
Torley Linden: Hevenz, that's actually an option now.
Tiberious Neruda: so, locally, I used the cycle editor to make a 24-hour one
Garn Conover: mmm Pastrami
Hevenz Vansant: is it in the viewer?
Pastrami Linden: Hevenz, I agree on the look but many residents need them
Garn Conover: Pastrami and Watermelons :)
Tiberious Neruda: and then at the right time, I played it
Torley Linden: You can turn that ON/OFF in Advanced Sky Editor > Clouds tab.
Hevenz Vansant: oh checking that now
Torley Linden: UNCHECK "Draw Classic Clouds".
Daedalus Young: I've seen great Snaps using the old clouds as fog in the mountains
Torley Linden: ;)
Pastrami Linden: okay Tiberious....
Dizzy Banjo: heavenly heavenly windlight.. congrats guys :)
Tiberious Neruda: but, I fear that will get lost on my next login
A C: all the staff is based in Boston ?
Torley Linden: Yeah, Daed showed me a snap earlier... I think those "old clouds" are easy to do tho with regular particle effects, save the area of coverage. But they are hopefully getting phased out over time...
Zen Linden: yeah, sky divers would get mad if we killed off the old clouds for now :)
Torley Linden: And sky castles, and some other usages...
Torley Linden: We had long design discussions about this!
Garn Conover bounces bandwidth for soem rezzege
Torley Linden: So many aspects came up, from performance to aesthetics and beyond!
Pastrami Linden: Tiberious,
Runitai Linden: Brad, Zen, Pastrami, and BigPapi are in Boston
Pastrami Linden: you can save it to be a 24 hour cycle
Jeremy Linden: And Jeremy!
Runitai Linden: I'm still in San Francisco
Pastrami Linden: between logins
Pastrami Linden: BUT
A C: :)
Torley Linden: There was so much stuff that happened behind-the-scenes, every day. It could make a good WindLight: Making Of movie.
Torley Linden: ;)
Hevenz Vansant: woot classic clouds are gone :p
Pastrami Linden: actually, no
Pastrami Linden: that should work!
Torley Linden: I'll be saving this chat transcript by the way and putting it up on the public wiki if anyone came late, missed a part, wants to refresh themselves, etc.
Tiberious Neruda: so THAT'S what I'm going for, I think. Some option, maybe to save your personal day cycle and then key it to a time?
Pastrami Linden: did you try saving your Test Day?
Tiberious Neruda: yes
Garn Conover: Torley's vis will be uber uber uber cool now :)
Dimitrio Lewis: Put a making of on the dvd version
Pastrami Linden: and it didn't work?
Garn Conover: vids*
Torley Linden: Hehehe.
Tiberious Neruda: well, haven't logged out or crashed... yet
Torley Linden: Garn, yes, today's Tip of the Week is on WindLight.
Torley Linden: Suitable...
Torley Linden' still has to write my blog post up, I reckon I'll do that after the next meeting... *looks at my calendar*
Torley Linden: So thrilled to have you here with us, each and all!
Torley Linden: Oooh *zooms camera out and sees Avatar Impostors take effect*
Hevenz Vansant: nice touch :p
Pastrami Linden: Yeah, Tiberious,
Garn Conover: now thats a Torleyized AV :)
Pastrami Linden: if you save it at 24 hours
A C: What will be the next big changes with FL ?
Pastrami Linden: it should stick
Torley Linden: Wow that's a REALLY red light!
Pastrami Linden: BUT
Daedalus Young: since the Sun still can be put anywhere in the sky, using the East Angle and Time of day, wouldn't it be possible to bring back "Mouse Moves Sun" anyway?
Funk Schnook: Im had to compare somethign on the rc I should relog
Pastrami Linden: I think the motion would depend on the parcel
Torley Linden: Daed: I'm watching for feedback with that... because I know some prefer the spontaneity.
Pastrami Linden: Tiberious, you'd have to hit play
Tiberious Neruda: right
Pastrami Linden: unfortunately at this point-
Daedalus Young: it's an easy and fast way to get the lighting just right
Pastrami Linden: since there's no server control
Garn Conover: some1 saw me pixelated last night, looked really odd lol
Damian Delacroix: Has anyone else had a problem with textures disappearing? Mostly shiny and alphas?
Torley Linden: Mouse Moves Sun is a bit of a poor usability crutch and relatively undiscoverable. Maybe the UI on that has to be revamped too.
Runitai Linden: there are some more optimizations to be had (lowering the polycount on the sky dome, for example), and I'm itching to run through the OpenGL profiler in leopard
Hevenz Vansant: not on this end damian
Torley Linden: And by "poor usability crutch" I mean once you know how, it's easy, but if you don't, it's unintuitive...
Garn Conover: Damien, i had to knock my shiny down a lvl
Cory Salmson: im king of the world!
Torley Linden: Hello king of the world!
Cory Salmson: hello :D
Garn Conover: it seems Windlight boosts it
Tiberious Neruda: that would be one of the nicest additions you could put in, IMO....
Runitai Linden: We'll be revisiting shiny to get it closer to the regular viewer
Pastrami Linden: yes
Zen Linden: Tiberious, i didn't want to spend a whole lot of time on day cycle now as this will change when we have days and skies as tradable assets. I just wnated enough functionality you could play with it to get a taste of what's to come before these are assets
Damian Delacroix: I put examples in JIRA.. after I realised I could.. before they were on SLPICS.COM
Torley Linden: BTW, for full-scene glow, Client menu > Debug Settings and "RenderGlowMinLuminance" = 10 or something like that... soft romantic photos... OH SO DREAMY! I'll be sharing that tip more broadly...
Tiberious Neruda: ok....
Hevenz Vansant: nice
Torley Linden: Some of these Lindens you see before you put in some badass Debug Settings...
Pastrami Linden: :)
BigPapi Linden: Torley: the min luminance value should be a range between 0.0 to 1.0
Torley Linden: which allow you to make your visuals even bettah.
Torley Linden: :D
Runitai Linden: also, HUD attachments can have glow in the latest internal build
Funk Schnook: Im finding it hard to tell when imposters work. Does having my detail on max effect that?
Torley Linden: BigPapi: Yikes, I can put in negative values too! That a bug then? ;)
Runitai Linden: so you can do fullscreen glow overlays with transparent glowing HUD attachments
Dizzy Banjo: oo soft focus heaven
Dizzy Banjo is in the 70s
Tiberious Neruda: well, will there be options, then, for 'use as my default' and 'key time to PST'?
Daedalus Young: oh, I'm seeing Impostors work just fine
Torley Linden: Oh sweet Runitai, I bet that may be distro'ed like hotcakes... like Personal Light attachments!
Hevenz Vansant: oh sure sit here and try to convince us you lindens have actually been working hard :p
BigPapi Linden: So to have everything glow a bit, giving the scene a wedding photography soft filter look set it to 0.
Torley Linden remembers when I first brought up personal lights, and then they've become such a staple of the modeling world.
Hevenz Vansant: windlight is nice guys pat yaselves on the backs
Runitai Linden: the avatar mesh detail slider affects the distance at which an avatar becomes an impostor
Funk Schnook: easy there buddy
Tiberious Neruda: I think that's a bit aggressive, though
Garn Conover: hehe i was an imposter @ 6 feet
Torley Linden: Thanks BigPapi... so hmmm... seems like the value range on RenderGlowMinLuminance needs to be restricted then? =)
BigPapi Linden: Torley: the values to that should be getting clamped, somewhere.
Hevenz Vansant: hehe garn
Tiberious Neruda: yeah... people become impostors very easily, it seems
Garn Conover: if uve read the Windlight Forum u knwo what i mean :)
Runitai Linden: the easiest way to see when impostors are kicking in is to switch to wireframe
BigPapi Linden: values outside of 0.0 and 1.0 can have undefined effects.
Torley Linden: Where is this WindLight forum you speak of?
Dizzy Banjo: its great to blurrrrrr out !!.. i love to have that option
Torley Linden: BigPapi: I notice from 1.0 to 1.1, it suddenly gets a lot softer...
Daedalus Young: ahh, now I see, if I al-click on an Impostor's attachment, I actually alt-click on a point way behind the avatar
Garn Conover:
Zen Linden: Tiberious: hmmm, maybe so. I like the idea that you can have your own local day cycle keyed to PST time. Maybe. Or once we have tradable assets and LSL support, you can script that to happen. We'll see how it turns out, but I like the idea
Torley Linden: Thanx for the link, Garn.
Torley Linden: Wow we sure are doing multiple threaded topics here.
Lillyann Chaplin: Quick update... for the ATI x850... setting the 'Anisotropic Filtering' to App-Controlled did it... I actually do not know what is does... but other than too bright it is lovely now :)
Pastrami Linden: Funk,srsly
Garn Conover: the 2nd post in a pic of me pixilated lol
Pastrami Linden: :)
Pastrami Linden: sorry, axe that last Funk
Dizzy Banjo: ive been noticing the "dissapeared avatar" thing happening alot more since using this viewer
Garn Conover: i look really odd lol
Torley Linden: Haha Brenham's post looks like he made Garn's avatar into an impostor UP CLOSE... :O
Hevenz Vansant: wtg lilly:)
Garn Conover: thats what happened
Funk Schnook is confused
Garn Conover: dunno how but we think we got it fixed
Torley Linden: Garn, you look like something out of an old Dungeons & Dragons game on PC EGA...
Tiberious Neruda: yeah... sounds like the impostoring is being done a little aggressively
Hypatia Callisto: yes it seems when an avatar comes in, you don't always see it, you have to relog to see the new folks who just came in. I need to do some more testing to see if I can repeat it
Torley Linden: Hypatia, I've heard of that bug!
Torley Linden: I have a repro for that on high altitudes, Hypatia.
Dizzy Banjo: the changing groups fix works sometimes
Garn Conover: yea last time u saw me i only had 1 head
Funk Schnook: I think Im missing half the scene here. Is something in front of me stoppping me freom moving?
Dizzy Banjo: and also using certain anims seems to throw them in
Hypatia Callisto: ok it was high altitude yes :)
Garn Conover: was still a wolf tho hehe
Torley Linden: Hypatia, AHHHH GOOD TO KNOW!
Tiberious Neruda: oh... here's something interesting I noticed....
Torley Linden: *makes a note that Hypatia has seen it too*
Torley Linden loves now that there's broad Resident visibility, more feedback on some of these bugs is WAY easier.
Tiberious Neruda: the bottom half of my trenchcoat is supposed to be a skirt....
Farallon Greyskin: A comment on the shiney, I know it's being fixed, but I noticed that at a cerain time of day there is a really neat "Dull shiney" effect, like around 8pm just ebfore it turns off comepltely. It sure ould be nice to have "Dull" on the list of shiney options :)
Tiberious Neruda: but yet, when I wear it, it won't show up for me, for whatever reason
Torley Linden: Hypatia, BTW, your title is awesome. What does it mean?
Tiberious Neruda: yeah... going into Appearance, it shows... but come out, not there
Torley Linden: Terrain seems to be clipped too harsh in the distance...
Tiberious Neruda: appears to be in greek
Connecting to in-world Voice Chat...
Torley Linden: Pardon, I crashz0red.
Hypatia Callisto: yes, my name in Greek :D
Farallon Greyskin: Actually that was something I noticed, with windlight on the distance fog is turned off. SO you always see the terrain clipping badly
Torley Linden: I set my Draw Distance to 512 and suddenly I kersploded!
Torley Linden: Sweet, Hypatia!
Garn Conover: Torley lieks crashing
Tiberious Neruda: LOL
Garn Conover: Torley must be taking pics!
Hevenz Vansant: lmao tor
A C: How can we change the speed of the clouds ?
Farallon Greyskin: I think you should , bessides the Windlight fog, still allow the distance fog to work
Torley Linden: Farallon: Yeah, I previously asked Runitai for his expertise on that...
Runitai Linden: Dizzy: too early to say how long WL will be in FL, but I wouldn't expect it to be in for nearly as long as the last round of render pipeline improvements.
Torley Linden: LOL I wasn't taking a picture that time, but it was a crash.
Dizzy Banjo: ok
Daedalus Young: advanced sky editor > clouds > cloud scroll X and Y
Torley Linden: Hypatia, re: that high-altitude-avatars-go-invisible bug, see if it happens if avatars are NOT wearing attachments.
Torley Linden: I could only repro it (so far) on avatars without attachments... let me send you my repro in a notecard...
Dizzy Banjo wants to stay in this viewer :(( lol
Zen Linden: Farallon: the distance fog only has an effect if you're not using shaders. It's standard open gl fog. What graphics card do you have?
Master Pye: Im holding, No crashes If I save to local
Hypatia Callisto: hm actually I think I did remove everything to see, I will try again and see if it happens again
Hypatia Callisto accepted your inventory offer.
BigPapi Linden: Sorry, need to run! Nice seeing all of you here!
Torley Linden: Intriguing...
Torley Linden: Have a good one Bigpapi!
Hevenz Vansant: take care papi
Brad Linden: Turning up the Haze Density slider should have a similar effect to distance fog
Lillyann Chaplin: Bye
Daedalus Young: byes!
Dizzy Banjo: me too .. congrats on this great stuff.. really changing the face of SL.. its stunning
Dizzy Banjo: cyas :)
Brad Linden: distance multiplier as well
Farallon Greyskin: Is the haze density tied to your render distance seting?
Torley Linden: Thanks for being with us and for the encouragement!
Garn Conover: hey Torley, is there a texture of the water? so if some1 made waves or somethng it wou;ld eb the same?
Zen Linden: farallon: no
Torley Linden: Garn, it's a normal map... Zen Linden can tell you more about that...
Hypatia Callisto: I didnt tp, I was relogging
Farallon Greyskin: meaning if I set render distance really short, does the hase pullin to cover the terrain clipping?
Hypatia Callisto: I will test again and see what I come up with
Funk Schnook: should imposters be working in a scene where we are all this close?
Zen Linden: Garn: yes, you can choose the normal map the water uses
Farallon Greyskin: heh.. (tries it out...)
Pastrami Linden: Farallon, no
Runitai Linden: Funk: yes
Pastrami Linden: we've divorced one from the other
Torley Linden: Mmmm Impostors.
Funk Schnook: Im not seeing it
Hypatia Callisto: mmm normal maps :D
Pastrami Linden: you can independently set the "look" vs. cut off
Hevenz Vansant: lmao
Runitai Linden: if you switch to wireframe, the avatars that are impostors will disappear
Torley Linden: I want some, umh, ABNORMAL maps!
Garn Conover: i was just thinking we need jumpin fish or sometrhing hehe and would look odd if the ripple was a diff texture ^_^
Farallon Greyskin: Yeah, that's the issue, it's like you want to keep the distance fog for soft clipping the terrain as well as the normal haze of windlight if possible.
Pastrami Linden: using draw distance and distance multiplier + the others
Hypatia Callisto: is that texture in the library yet?
Tiberious Neruda: erf....
Funk Schnook: ok none disspear
Tiberious Neruda: anyway....
Funk Schnook: so Im wondering which slider I have to high to see it :)
Hypatia Callisto: so I can like replaces it when I go and mess everything up :D
Farallon Greyskin: THe hard clipping of the terrain and buildings is prety harse klookinf whan your draw distance is short in built up areas
Runitai Linden: probably avatar mesh detail
Funk Schnook: draw distnce is 128
Funk Schnook: object is 1 noth under highest
Funk Schnook: notch
Funk Schnook: oh av is on max
Lillyann Chaplin: Then use a non-sculptie-map as a sculptie map on a prim, Torley... if that isn't abnormal... then I do not know what is :)
Tiberious Neruda: that's something I have to give you folks props for....
Funk Schnook: ok yeah I see it torley turned into sper mario when I set it on lowest
Brad Linden: There's also an Avatr Impostors checkbox
Torley Linden: Hahahah I've done that and come up with really spiky scarrrry things Lillyann! =)
Tiberious Neruda: I've been able to actually take my draw distance UP for the same amount of framerate impact...
Lillyann Chaplin: :)
Torley Linden: I dig that, Tiberious. And oh, Lapras looks so much better too. ;)
Tiberious Neruda: mrf?
Garn Conover: i been told i look better in Windlight so that works for me :)
Torley Linden: The Lapras you gave me ages ago... ;)
Torley Linden: Heheh Garn, I'm glad to hear that.
Runitai Linden: I can't wait to see what avs make good use of glow
Tiberious Neruda: yeah... seems lighting between avs and prims has been equalized....
Torley Linden: Oh yeah totally Runitai, something outta Tron...
Torley Linden: I know there were earlier concerns about WindLight making avatars look nasty, but...
Funk Schnook: yeah that glow is really cool :) Im messing with it n some lights where I use to use a particle to fake that effect
Torley Linden: I THINK THIS IS HAWT!
Zen Linden envisions being mauled by thirty sith lords next office hours
Torley Linden: Glow is great for lightsabery ethereal sorts of wonderful things.
Tiberious Neruda: under the old one... furry avs liiked a bit... fake
Meni Kaiousei: I already got an update on some jewelery I bought! release notes: added glow!
Torley Linden: Haha they'll be right in theme!
Garn Conover: actually *plays aroudn with glow and his eyes*
Hypatia Callisto: I added glow to the jewelry I am wearing, too :D
Farallon Greyskin: I think that the avatars looking "worse" is due to the higher contrast by default... However I likethe lighting model over all better, the skin andprims are rendered much closer now
Torley Linden: Oh, lovely.
Zen Linden: awesome
Torley Linden: Yeah, adding glow to existing content you want to, well, glow more is encouraging.
Torley Linden: I added glow to my BAT EYES!
Farallon Greyskin: But when the body folds while dancing you can see the messed up joints now a LOT clearer with the increased contrast :D
Tynan Clary: now if Jeremy would keep his eyes closed they would stop distracting me - oooh shiny - ---
Runitai Linden: yes, it's like avatars are seeing themselves under makeup lights for the first time
Torley Linden: WindLight does expose those kinds of flaws...
Jeremy Linden: Heheheh!
Torley Linden: Haha good analogy Runitai.
Torley Linden: Under the stage spotlight!
Dimitrio Lewis: I really like that avatar, Torley. Did it come from the TG though?
Torley Linden: Dimi, yes it did. I was given it as a gift...
Torley Linden: by Sylver Bu of Teen Second Life.
Jeremy Linden is practicing his "demonically possessed" look.
Torley Linden: It's a "Watermelon Dazzle Bat".
Dimitrio Lewis hopes the creator hurries up and progresses to this grid :p
Racal Hanner: lol
Hevenz Vansant: one of my friends went skin shopping after she saw herself in windlight and said she was going to smack me for not telling her that she looked bad and i was lmao
Torley Linden: Yeah, Sylver does some really outstanding stuff, regardless of age...
Tiberious Neruda: one thing I know people will want to do, though, is have the glow be a separate color...
Tynan Clary: the claws are special, Torley - and the webbing texture - love that
Torley Linden: One of the funnest things I did was drop these giant transparent glow cubes in a church.
Funk Schnook: yeah more control over the glow would be cool
Farallon Greyskin: Heh, likethe eyes, there are a lof of particle effects in use now to gain that glow effect, will be nice to strip those out where I've used them
Torley Linden: It looked like something MAD out of a sci-fi movie.
Torley Linden: PROOF!
Runitai Linden: Tiberious: you can get that effect by using a transparent glow overloay
Runitai Linden: overlay, even
Torley Linden: That's a great tip for the future, Runitai...
Torley Linden: *makes a note of "transparent glow overlay"*
Neovo Geesink: At this moment, I am allso on the Windlight Viewer... Works Great!
Torley Linden: Transparent glow overlays are the next personal lights!
Tiberious Neruda: LOL
Tiberious Neruda: oh!
Hevenz Vansant: heck yeah torley
Tiberious Neruda: that's something else....
Tiberious Neruda: are we going to be getting directional lighting soon?
Farallon Greyskin: Oh uh.. any possiblity of getting shiny on transparent textures?
Runitai Linden: not for this release, no
Farallon Greyskin: My eyes need it badly, but of crouse a lot of other things do to
Garn Conover: oof!
Torley Linden: Mmmm "transparent shiny"! ;)
Tiberious Neruda: well, sometime down the road, obviously
Runitai Linden: at this point, we're trying very hard to avoid any extra feature creep for this release
Lillyann Chaplin: Is it already time for the wishlist? Can I get mirrors? :)
Torley Linden: That's like, transparent aluminium... !
Daedalus Young: and shiny on clothing :P and alpha for skin colour :P
Torley Linden hears what Lilyann sez and is reminded of Dynamic Reflections.
Farallon Greyskin: Yeah can use the invisiprim trick sometimes but.. that has other flaws
Neovo Geesink: I miss the Network Activety indicator.... A Search option has taken its place...
Tiberious Neruda: LOL
Torley Linden: Whateva happened with Dynamic Reflections, Runitai? :D
Tiberious Neruda: we all do...
Garn Conover: thats whats missing!
Daedalus Young: we have a Lag Meter now though
Torley Linden: Help menu > Lag Meter, aye.
Funk Schnook: that lag meter is too big
Garn Conover: o.O
Hypatia Callisto: I dont know if you want shiny on transparent textures as much as you want the stufff the water has... reflection and transparency :D
Hypatia Callisto: I mean refraction, duh
Tiberious Neruda: nah... not quite the same info, Torley
Daedalus Young: customization of the menubar would be nice
Daedalus Young: just like in webbrowsers ;)
Torley Linden: Yeah, in the future, easier viewer skinning would be a big boon.
Hypatia Callisto: reflection and refraction for transparent items... gems and prim water :D
Tiberious Neruda: oh look, we've got one of the 'heart' griefers
Farallon Greyskin: Heh yeah :D
Torley Linden: In the near-term, there's a Dazzle Team working on modernizing the user interface...
Pastrami Linden: hey sorry to steer the conversation here- but any issues people are having not already expressed?
Torley Linden: All these things come together, if you need more context.
Neovo Geesink: WOW, can I finally put real lenses in my Glasses... :-))
Funk Schnook: yeah objects get culled and never come back
Pastrami Linden: we need to use these opportunities to gather important data!
Funk Schnook: thats my biggest issue with WL so far
Torley Linden: Ah yeah, that one Funk, that one I noticed too.
Hypatia Callisto: I am seeing issues with alphas
Daedalus Young: oh, I'm trying to make ice, but the wtare won't completely stop flowing
Dimitrio Lewis: I've had a few instances where majority of prims and water on screen disappear.
Pastrami Linden: Torley you wanna jira that one?
Runitai Linden: Funk: does disabling occlusion culling bring them back?
Torley Linden: It's already in there, I'll add Funk's comment.
Funk Schnook: also I see some wierd stuff happen to foot shadows and it looks like water reflection sometimes
Hypatia Callisto: at a distance alpha either looks really bad or is nonexistent
Racal Hanner: only one I see is transparent solids .. was late getting here .. don'y know if it's been covered
Trent Platthy: Yes, it did for me. Most of them anyway
Funk Schnook: Runitai I havent tried that
Torley Linden: When Runitai asked me, disabling occlusion culling made objects come back for me.
Hypatia Callisto: alpha textures
Funk Schnook: ok cool
Funk Schnook: I will next time
Funk Schnook: anywy it needs to be fixed ;)
Torley Linden: Funk, if you get a chance, Client menu > Rendering > Object-Object Occlusion. Teleporting away and back should also make them return.
Torley Linden: Aye, should be fix0red.
Torley Linden: =)
Funk Schnook: yeah I know where it is
Runitai Linden: Funk: yes, it does
Funk Schnook: just didnt think toi do it at the time
Racal Hanner: cool
Garn Conover: Torely make a patrial alpha floor and i will check :)
A C: Do you know if we could have more than 5 local lights in the futur ?
Torley Linden: No worries, share the knowledge and help those who do not already know!
Garn Conover: i always blended in lol
Funk Schnook: yeah I will
Torley Linden: More than 6 local lights (+ sun and moon backlighting) you mean? Isn't that an OpenGL limit?
Funk Schnook: its not a limitation
Farallon Greyskin: Yeah tht
Trent Platthy: I didn't try teleporting, but shutting off culling definately helped. :)
Funk Schnook: you can have more
Pastrami Linden: 8 is on many cards, IIRC
Runitai Linden: as for alpha textures at a distance looking bad, that's a performance/visual quality trade off. I could probably make that less aggressive
Funk Schnook: but someone mention virtual lights and posted a paper on how to do it
Hypatia Callisto: also I am seeing issues with water textures not aligning in a snapshot
Garn Conover trots off to snack on a few griefers for dinner cya all! :)
Pastrami Linden: Hypatia, we know about that one, definitely!
Daedalus Young: and water completely missing at times
Neovo Geesink: Curling Shutted off now... (I had the Client and Server options allready activated)
Tiberious Neruda: hmm....
Lillyann Chaplin: If in doubt try to add a slider and let the user wrek it, Runitai :)
Runitai Linden: high res snapshots will have seams in the water. I'm designing a fix for that now.
Garn Conover: Daed thats an old on i think, wasn't it just got into abouty land or somethin?
Hypatia Callisto: ok great :)
Daedalus Young: I don't know that, I just saw it on JIRA
Runitai Linden: I'd imagine high res snapshots have busted glow, too
Tiberious Neruda: ok... since we have reflections off the water, how does this fare for getting the dynamic reflections later on?
Daedalus Young: yeah, busted glow on high-res Snaps already was when it was still a Debug menu thing
Runitai Linden: Tiberious: the two are unrelated
Tiberious Neruda: o.O?
Runitai Linden: nothing is planned for dynamic reflections at this time
Tiberious Neruda: ah
Funk Schnook: can we have some way of adjusting the water for from above and under view separately?
Lillyann Chaplin: Meh :(
Runitai Linden: although I should probably fix the debug option...
Trent Platthy: I noticed dynamic reflections appears to be borked now even if you switch it on in debug settings. :)
Torley Linden: Thanks Runitai, good to know about that!
Funk Schnook: if I add fog to nicely cover the sim borders, I cant see much from underwater
Luna Hoisan: I'm sorry
Zen Linden: Funk:
Torley Linden is a big fan of WindLight in high-res.
Zen Linden: Funk: i took note of that and may one day have different fog settings for above and below
Funk Schnook: we may not even need 2 ettings... just go lighter on the underwater fog some way
Tiberious Neruda: you already can
Tiberious Neruda: Ctrl-Alt-E, Water Fog slider
Funk Schnook: read dude
Runitai Linden: hmm, two settings is a good suggestion
Trent Platthy: Or just not apply atmospheric fog to underwater cam viewing, since underwater already has its own fog setting, I think?
Farallon Greyskin: That would make sense :D it's rarely foggy under water
Farallon Greyskin: :D
Hypatia Callisto: I'm also wondering about ways to control interior lighting, its not realistic indoors compared to out
Runitai Linden: actually, IRL it's rarely clear under water
Tiberious Neruda: true
Farallon Greyskin: I know, I meant "real fog" as in the atmospheric fog setting being visible under water :D
Torley Linden listens.
Runitai Linden: ah
Hevenz Vansant: that's going to make the scuba divers and ocean exploration sim owners a tad upset
Farallon Greyskin: The underwater fog is fin it just need to be lighter underwater than water fog is from avove the water...
Funk Schnook: it depends where youre swimming, Anyway I think most of us agree we need a way to have clearer undrwater views without making the top view transparent
Torley Linden: I agree that needs to be improved, and I've already heard from some of them, Hevenz!
Trent Platthy: Right, but water already has a fog setting, it makes no sense to apply the water fog, then apply atmospheric fog too. IRL, it being foggy on the surface generally has little effect below the surface. :)
Daedalus Young: yeah, I went to The Abyss yesterday:
Hypatia Callisto: its clear in the maldives, but true, not everywhere is the maldives :D
Hevenz Vansant: ;p
Daedalus Young: and it was all black under water
Torley Linden: I went to Toxic Garden Rezzable to check out underwater...
Daedalus Young: you die there
Elle Pollack rezes, in shiny windlight glory
Funk Schnook: I think the fact that we cant think of mnay issues to bring up at this meeting is a good sign
Torley Linden: :)
Elle Pollack: Hiiiii Torley!
Torley Linden: Our QA Team really gave great runthroughs with each builds leading up to public release.
Torley Linden: Oh hiiii Elle!!!
Torley Linden: So nice to see ya!
Farallon Greyskin: Yeah that covered everything I saw sofar
Runitai Linden: Trent: true, I think our thinking was that water would always be murkier than atmosphere, so the atmospheric fog would be unnoticeable under water for most realistic settings
Hevenz Vansant: i think all windlight users shouldn't have to pay 10L yo upload :p
Torley Linden: There was so much that happened along the way and I'm just glad you're here with us to enjoy it.
Hevenz Vansant: for imageas that is
Hevenz Vansant: ugh at my typing today
Torley Linden: Hey Steve, come up on stage!
Torley Linden: :D
Torley Linden: Hehe.
Steve Linden: :) That's OK, I'll observer for a change :)
Trent Platthy: Has anyone mentioned the wierdness with water off in the void not meeting water at the sim's edge?
Torley Linden: :D
Elle Pollack watches her FPS...first time she's tried this in a populated sim
Tiberious Neruda: LOL
Torley Linden: I've seen similar problems to that, Trent, but give a specific example of regions that have this problem?
Trent Platthy: On islands that is, I haven't noticed it on mainland
Trent Platthy: The Wild
Torley Linden: There was a lot of crafty ingenuity to make things work at times... real MacGyvers, these guys!
Daedalus Young: I think that's because region have a ground underwater and voids don't
Pastrami Linden: thanks Torley
Pastrami Linden: :)
Runitai Linden: Trent: which island?
Runitai Linden: ah, The Wild
Funk Schnook: I notice a few glitches with water. Sometimes it actually gets culled away like prims. If I pan away to view the entire sim, sometimes a wierd corner appears blank withut water
Trent Platthy: If you look out into the void, theres about a 1 sim-in-all-directions gap between sim water and void water
Torley Linden: I have seen that at my home in Grasmere, Funk -- I'm glad you noticed that too.
Funk Schnook: Ill grab some screenshots and put it up on jira
Trent Platthy: Runitai: The Wild
Torley Linden: Thanks MUCH Funk, and BTW...
Tiberious Neruda: for the most part, framerates -have- been a bit lower than with the lastest official viewer... however, that's after enabling all the new shinies, and turning up draw distance
Funk Schnook: its nothing major
Farallon Greyskin: THat seels to be the same prims dissapearing bug
Torley Linden: Funk, please put your screenshots on
Farallon Greyskin: sometimes it's just the void water prim
Torley Linden: That would be super.
Daedalus Young: and my viewer often freezes for a few seconds on teleports
Runitai Linden: yeah, it's not fair to expect to get reflections without a frame rate hit
Funk Schnook: well I can get 150+ fps in the rc but big drop in heavy scenes. With WL I get more consistatent fps (20-70) no matter how heavy the scene is, PLUS all eyecandy on
Lillyann Chaplin: A bit lower? I dropped about ... 20 frames from 28 or 30 to... 8 :)
Trent Platthy: Can I have a pony without framerate hit? ;)
Daedalus Young: but I have yet to check that out further
Funk Schnook: I have a 880GTS 640MB on a quad core though
Entering god mode, level 200
Elle Pollack: On my machine it's about about a 5FPS much it maters depends on where I am, it seems
Lillyann Chaplin: But it looks gooooooood :)
Pastrami Linden: Lillyann- hardware?
Elle Pollack: 8800 GTS 320MB, 2.3ghz Core2 Duo
Trent Platthy: I get almost no performance hit at all (dual core, geforce 7900GTX w/512MB)
Torley Linden likes my 8800GTS too...
Farallon Greyskin: 8800GTX with everything maxxed gets a 10-20% hit
Funk Schnook: yeah this is th best card Ive had too
Torley Linden: What resolutions do you generally run at, Funk and Elle?
Master Pye: Works good :-)
Funk Schnook: 1920x1200
Master Pye: ATI also
Elle Pollack: 1208x1024
Funk Schnook: I have qa 24 inch wide screen
Runitai Linden: when reporting performance issues, it helps to include a screenshot of your fast timers
Torley Linden: Kewl.
Farallon Greyskin: THe FR is high enough that it's essentialyl unnoticable generally
Pastrami Linden: Lillyann- is that with your preferences on "Use Default"
Pastrami Linden: ?
Runitai Linden: client->consoles->fast timers
Runitai Linden: preferrably with "Render" expanded
Funk Schnook: oh ok one last thing I want to bring up, but this is also in the rc and older releases. Its the "pause" we get on some random cam pans
Lillyann Chaplin: 10 frames per second on 'User Default'
Funk Schnook: its shorter now in WL, like a 1 second pause
Funk Schnook: but I still get it randomly
Lillyann Chaplin: *use
Tiberious Neruda: but I will say in some heavier-poly areas, framerates are actually BETTER
Torley Linden: Oh Funk, that issue's still a hot one on the Issue Tracker... 111 votes at latest I think.
Funk Schnook: well it seems better in WL
Funk Schnook: so something changed
Pastrami Linden: is your User Default High, Lilyann?
Torley Linden: I get freezes on occasion when trying to teleport though in WL, does anyone else?
Trent Platthy: For me that 'pause' has gotten shorter than in the mainstream clients, but happens more. Especially on fast zooming out.
Daedalus Young: yes Torley, me too
Lillyann Chaplin: Yes, nothing changed there
Funk Schnook: not so far torley
Torley Linden: Like, SL will cause for 30 sec.-1 min. and then unfreeze and the teleport will happen.
Hypatia Callisto: I got logged out crossing a sim boundary
Runitai Linden: Funk: we lowered the memory footprint of all geometry and removed a superfluous copy from the render pipeline
Funk Schnook: I havent tped enough though
Funk Schnook: I pretty much stay on my sim
Daedalus Young: not that long for me, I think 10-15 sec max
Torley Linden: OK, thanks Daed, is it something you've ever seen in the current main viewer? It only happens to me in WL... (I TP a lot.)
Torley Linden: Er, I meant "SL will pause", not "cause". ;)
Daedalus Young: I only noticed it in WL too
Elle Pollack: So, I dunno if there's a rhyme or a reason to bringing up issues here, but I made a page in the JIRA for aestetic shiny quibbles because no one can apparently agree on what exactly is wrong or different. <- now with side-by-side comparison screenshots
Pastrami Linden: lillyann, bump it down to Mid and tell me what you get
Runitai Linden: also, geometry rebuilds on region crossing are no longer necessary
Torley Linden: Elle, I appreciate the META! Helps us make sense of things...
Tiberious Neruda: well, I've noticed alot more of the 'you have been disconnected' crashes when teleporting since the last few rounds of restarts
Zen Linden: Elle, you rock. BigPapi will probably be tweaking that and things like that rock
Daedalus Young: hangs a few seconds, then I hear the teleport sounds and off we go
Omarion Infinity: Katon Earth Jutsu!
Omarion Infinity: Katon: Earth Jutsu!
Zen Linden: Makes life much easier
Elle Pollack: I'd be intersted in hearing other people's opinions and seeing if they match mine
Lillyann Chaplin: About.... 20... 22 frames, Pastrami
Elle Pollack: after looking at the screenshots that is
Torley Linden: I've had some more of those Tiberious but I don't know if that's necessarily WL-specific.
Omarion Infinity: Cancel!
Tiberious Neruda: so that's not a windlight thing at all...
Tiberious Neruda: I'm pretty sure it's not... just a general thing
Torley Linden: YES Daed, that's what I have too!
Torley Linden: *adds Daed's comments to the issue*
Pastrami Linden: and lilyann, in that same scene, what was it on standard? 28?
Trent Platthy: If it helps any, the Nicholaz version of the client had that completely fixed up until a couple versions ago.
Trent Platthy: I went weeks without a 'pause'
Lillyann Chaplin: Can't say *exact*, because I moved the camera... give or take a handfull of frames
Lillyann Chaplin: But the high/mid settings are with the same scene
Skinkie Winkler gave you EPIC SNAIL OF DOOM-NESS [Torley/Watermelon Version].
Puk Ryba is very happy with windlight on ubuntu linux, you lindens rock hard
Zen Linden: awesome!
Zen Linden: linux ftw!
Pastrami Linden: Lilyann, we'll take a look at that card
Runitai Linden just started using ubuntu.
Pastrami Linden: anyway, I have to run everyone
Torley Linden: You're so supportive, thank-you for your encouragement.
Pastrami Linden: or rather, stick around but become only semi-responsive :)
Pastrami Linden: thanks all for showing up!
Torley Linden: I've got to go too, but thanks all for being here with us... remember, we're going to do these office hours twice weekly!
Lillyann Chaplin: Oh thank you, pastrami... have a nice... day/afternoon/night :)
Tiberious Neruda: LOL
Daedalus Young: ok Pastrami, see you later
Elle Pollack hands Pastrami some rye for the road
Funk Schnook: ok Im off too. Good job guys. Cant wait to see WL improve as we get closer to a final
Torley Linden: Tues. @ 8 AM PST and Thurs. @ 1 PM PST at Brampton.
Pastrami Linden: yummy
Farallon Greyskin: night guys... thanks for the meeting
Torley Linden: I'll post the chat transcript on the wiki linked to from
Torley Linden: =)
Skinkie Winkler gave you The Epic Snail of Doom-Ness.
Tiberious Neruda groans. "Oh that was awful... I LOVED IT!"
Torley Linden: T'care all!
Runitai Linden: thanks so much for the feedback
Elle Pollack: 1pm? Drat it. Torley, the wiki page says 2pm
Brad Linden: thaks all
Racal Hanner: TC Torley
Master Pye: Thanks Torley
Torley Linden: Elle, it says 1 PM-2 PM.
Runitai Linden: AWAY!
Elle Pollack: Doh *facepalm*
Hevenz Vansant: HoOoOoOo!!!
Hevenz Vansant: HoOoOoOo!!!
Brad Linden: later all!
Racal Hanner waves Runitai
Torley Linden: No worries.
Torley Linden: L8r all!
Lillyann Chaplin: Bye everybody :)
Daedalus Young: bye
Tiberious Neruda: bummer
Racal Hanner: **away !!
Dimitrio Lewis: bye :)
Hevenz Vansant: bye lilly :)
Elle Pollack: Quick question before everyone runs off - has anyone noticed LOD wonkyness with ll Trees?
Tiberious Neruda: yes
Pie A Linden 1.0 whispers: Choose 'Detach' from my menu to take me off.
Hevenz Vansant: yup
Hypatia Callisto: yep
Pie A Linden 1.0 whispers: Use Mouselook (press 'M') to shoot me.
Jeremy Linden: Pie A Linden? I think I uh... have to leave too.
Zen Linden: hmmm... really? does adjusting the tree LOD slider have any effect?
Jeremy Linden: Bye all!
Elle Pollack: I've seard about and seen a bit of it too but I don't think it's on the JIRA yet
Hypatia Callisto: Mine is maxed
Dimitrio Lewis uses increased RenderTreeLODFactor
Master Pye: lol
Zen Linden: yeah, hadn't heard or noticed that one, but I'll attempt to keep an eye on it.
Zen Linden: thanks y'all
Daedalus Young: thank you too :D
Elle Pollack: I'm at medium at the moment, but flying right up next to a tree I thought it took longer than usual to swap to full detail
Tiberious Neruda: I'm at high, and the same thing
Elle Pollack: Other people have said it doesn't work for them at all
Elle Pollack: But not sure how to quantitativly demonstrate it for a Jira entry
Zen Linden: Hmm, i'd just say what you just told me, that it's not as responsive as the normal viewer in switching LODs.
Zen Linden: However i will say this, we may not spend too much time on the present trees in the future, though as we have a speedtree license and hope to finally get around to using it at some point
Elle Pollack: I wouldn't blame you, considering you've had it for at least two years :)
Zen Linden: i know. I couldn't believe it
Zen Linden: anyway, thanks y'all
Zen Linden: laters
Torley Linden: Yup, thank-you!
Daedalus Young: bye
Torley Linden: Byes!
Torley Linden: :)