WindLight/Office Hours/2007-12-04

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Pastrami Linden: Okay all, welcome to the bi-weekly/semi-weekly WindLight Office Hourse!
Torley Linden: And it's Jeremy walking up smoothly!
Jeremy Linden waves
Pastrami Linden: We'll do this as we did last time- IM me questions and we'll answer them in turn
Milton Wisent: I made the pics of the different exposure issues with atmospheric shading...but haven't labeled them yet
Pastrami Linden: so, shoot!
Pastrami Linden: Send along your questions....
Pastrami Linden: comments...
Pastrami Linden: ruminations.....
RobbyFox Anzac: TR-A-AAAVELING
RobbyFox Anzac: traveling
RobbyFox Anzac: la la la?
RobbyFox Anzac: la la la!
RobbyFox Anzac: Kowashitaku naru shoudou......
RobbyFox Anzac: Enjoy traveling around Second Life. (TM)
Gramma Fiddlesticks: send IM to you Pastrami?
McCabe Maxsted: title off
RobbyFox Anzac: Hey Everyone and good evening!
Pastrami Linden: yes please
Pastrami Linden: Ron Overdrive: recently me and a coworker have discovered a large memory leak that causes client crashes. we believe this is related to the way windlight handles shaders with nVidia cards, has this been identified?
Torley Linden: Hahaha what a funny gesture, I know that one.
Pastrami Linden: Zen, any thoughts?
Zen Linden: haven't seen it, would love to hear more info on it, can you send us some more info on it?
Torley Linden: RobbyFox, you sure are looking colorful.
Torley Linden: Has this memory leak issue already been reported on our Issue Tracker?
Torley Linden: (If not, it *definitely* should.)
RobbyFox Anzac: Thanks Torley!
RobbyFox Anzac smiles
Martin Scarborough: no
RobbyFox Anzac: Festive for the holiday *^_^*
Ollj Oh: is there already a script parameter to set glow intensity?
RobbyFox Anzac: A Winter Windlighted SNowfall Christmass
Ron Overdrive: my coworker is putting it in now, I've noticed this more often with the latest nVidia drivers for Linux (169.04)
Torley Linden: Not yet Ollj publicly but it's on our to-do for sure.
Torley Linden: "LSL scriptable glow"!
Torley Linden: is "Make glow scriptable".
Zen Linden: Ollj: not yet, i don't know if we'll get to it before release (no new features just yet, but we do have it listed on our very soon todo list)
RobbyFox Anzac: Anyone want a free fuzzy santa hat *^_^* ?
Pastrami Linden: Linegirl McMillan: I have a Nvidia 8600 Graphics card. On my screen daylight settings seem too bright. Will these defaults be changed in the next release?
Pastrami Linden: Linegirl,
RobbyFox Anzac: Welcome BigPapi Linden
Zen Linden: Gramma Fiddlesticks: Do we have an ETA in the fix for "shiny". I use that a lot in my building for furniture and "metal" things. They don't look very nice right now. =(
Zen Linden: Gramma: the next release
Pastrami Linden: if not in the next one, quite soon
Zen Linden: will have BigPapi's fix for it
Pastrami Linden: (Linegirl)
Linegirl McMillan: Thank you so much
BigPapi Linden: Hi
Gramma Fiddlesticks jumps for joy!!! Shiny things will be nice again!
Torley Linden: Various updates to aesthetic changes will be posted here, so for the times when you can't talk to us personally, check it out:
Torley Linden: Oops wrong one.
Torley Linden:
Pastrami Linden: Archer Ming: wqqhy wonntr musixcc play?
Pastrami Linden: Archer, can you be mroe specific?
BigPapi Linden: Gramma: You can see screenshot comparisons with how it looks now in the public jira tasks for shiny
RobbyFox Anzac: Welcome everyone *^_^*
Gramma Fiddlesticks: Thanks BigPapi. I'll look. =))
A C: when will be the next viewer Windlight with 1.18.6 ?
BigPapi Linden: Gramma:
Brad Linden: A: the next windlight release will still be in the 1.18.5 series, but after that we'll probably switch to 1.18.6 series
A C: witn Viewer Authentication ?
A C: with*
Brad Linden: yes
A C: ok :)
Frolic Mills: exelent :)
Torley Linden: (Sorry I can't reply to IMs right now, feel free to discuss in the open tho!)
Martin Scarborough: Do we buy it to have and ues or is it just going to be used and available for people to put in their shops or sims?
Pastrami Linden: guys, please IM me
Pastrami Linden: it makes sorting these questions easier
BigPapi Linden: What happend to our "Please IM questions to pastrami sign"?
Pastrami Linden: do we have one? :)
Torley Linden: We need a sign? OK. *makes a note for next time*
BigPapi Linden: Guess it got returned.
Jeremy Linden: I think that was Runitai's doing.
Pastrami Linden: hahahahah
Torley Linden: Oh he made a sign?
BigPapi Linden: We had one last time.
Torley Linden: LOL, I don't ever recall seeing that!
Frolic Mills: lol
Torley Linden: Geez.
Jeremy Linden: I'll cook one up. Gimme a minute :-)
Pastrami Linden: Martin Scarborough: Do we buy it to have and ues or is it just going to be used and available for people to put in their shops or sims?
Torley Linden: Thx Jeremy.
Pastrami Linden: Martin, if I understand you correctly, you're asking if WindLight functionality will "cost" anything?
Ollj Oh: this meetiing grows fast. great test for avatar imposters
Iexo Bethune thinks he sees Brock from Pokemon. o.O
Pastrami Linden: Martin?
BigPapi Linden: Martin?
McCabe Maxsted: Beuler?
BigPapi Linden: lol
Zen Linden: lolz
Pastrami Linden: alright, moving along until Martin responds
A C: I'm sad because VWR-3184 still unassigned
Pastrami Linden: Gramma Fiddlesticks: this may have nothing at all to do with windlight but I'm gonna take the opprotunity to ask. =) I have heard that there is a completely new login process being worked on. is that true? And if so, can you share info on what specifically is being changed?
Torley Linden: I'll have a look at that, A.
Pastrami Linden: Torley, Jeremy- thoughts?
A C: no water reflection with some ATI cards on visat (and sometimes xp)
Torley Linden: Hm, I don't know much about that offhand, Gramma, but I know who does... Periapse Linden, for example.
Torley Linden: Zero Linden would also know about that.
Torley Linden: He hosts office hours too.
Pastrami Linden: Martin Scarborough: no is it jsut some tjhing that will be set to use in certain loctions or something we use with our AV that will effect the way second life appears to us.
RobbyFox Anzac runs afk for a moment to fry up a hamburger anyone want one *giggles*
Shelby Robbiani: Will windlight change the minimum system requirements needed for SL?
Gramma Fiddlesticks: Thanks. Will try to make the next office hours with those guys.
Pastrami Linden: SHelby, and all - please IM questions directly to me
Pastrami Linden: then we will process in turn
Pastrami Linden: thanks!
Pastrami Linden: (damn we need that sign :) )
Torley Linden: Jeremy's craftin' da sign... !
Torley Linden: ;)
A C: :)
Pastrami Linden: Martin, if I understand you correctly,
Pastrami Linden: WindLight settings will eventually be definreable on a per0sim basis
Pastrami Linden: per-sim
Amelia Daffodil: oh that's nice....
Pastrami Linden: owners of land can also give users the ability to set their own views
Pastrami Linden: so it's either "everyone sees it as I intended"
Pastrami Linden: or "everyone can set their own"
Amelia Daffodil: how about windlight on avatars? the lighting is horrible
Pastrami Linden: Amelia please IM me any questions- lots of people in line
Torley Linden: And A., we intend to get to VWR-3184 soon... Runitai Linden will be investigating it as soon as he's investigated some other hot graphics glitches, I believe.
Amelia Daffodil: aah sorry
Torley Linden: I'll change the issue status to show that...
Pastrami Linden: no problem
A C: cool, thank you Torley
Pastrami Linden: McCabe Maxsted: Will the invisible avatar problem be fixed for the next release? I'm trying to find the JIRA but it's crawling this morning
Pastrami Linden: which problem do you mean, McCabe?
Torley Linden: Argh yeah the Issue Tracker is slow. McCabe, you're referring to the one where avatars are invisible at high altitudes, or the occlusion bug?
McCabe Maxsted: avataras invisible at high alt
Torley Linden: Oh yeah I hate that one.
McCabe Maxsted: (and at lower at times too)
Pastrami Linden: I've taken note of that
Pastrami Linden: today I will be passing through all open issues
Pastrami Linden: and assigning tasks
Torley Linden: If you have a repro for the "lower" one you should include that in there...
McCabe Maxsted: I'll try to find one
Torley Linden: I've had no luck reproing it at ground level, for example, but you might. =) Thanks!
Torley Linden: I see Jeremy's got the sign!
Torley Linden: Alpha'd too!
Entering god mode, level 200
Pastrami Linden: Shelby Robbiani: Will windlight change the minimum system requirements needed for SL?
Torley Linden: Heyyy I can't even right-click on it... (WindLight bug?)
Pastrami Linden: Thanks Jeremy
A C: Nice Sign
Pastrami Linden: Shelby, it shouldn't, no
Torley Linden: Brad, I'm zooming out some and trying to right-click the sign but it seems like the clicks just pass right through it...
Jeremy Linden: Heh. Thanks. It uploaded at a really low resolution :-(
Torley Linden: At closer distances it works...
Pastrami Linden: because when you set the graphics preferences to Low and Mid
Pastrami Linden: it performs the exact same functionality as before!
Pastrami Linden: see the latest min spec sheet in any case:
Shelby Robbiani: not even the graphics card?
Shelby Robbiani: where?
Pastrami Linden: (getting the link)
Torley Linden: The important thing we note is that to enjoy all of WindLight's effects, your graphics card needs to support Shader Model 2.0/DirectX 9 shader support, but that's basically covered within the "System Recommendations" as they exist today.
Shelby Robbiani: ty
Pastrami Linden: SHelby, you will need a good graphcis card to see all the new features
Torley Linden:
Pastrami Linden: thanks Torley
Pastrami Linden: knew you'd beat me to it :)
Torley Linden: ^_^
Pastrami Linden: but, Shelby, it will be runable with old ones as well
Shelby Robbiani: ok good
Pastrami Linden: Amelia Daffodil: I have a horrible time trying to photograph avatars using the windlight viewer
Pastrami Linden: Amelia Daffodil: scenery is great, but lighting is really bad
Pastrami Linden: yep, we're working on the presets
Pastrami Linden: we know on avatars lighting is currently harsh
Amelia Daffodil: (lighting on avatars I mean)
Pastrami Linden: haha
Pastrami Linden: !
Amelia Daffodil: :))
Pastrami Linden: yep
Pastrami Linden: well aware- in the next few releases, will get fixed
Pastrami Linden: it's a big one for us
Torley Linden: And in addition, it's important to take into consideration the more realistic lighting model... there are some Resident groups that've sprung up teaching how to take photos and customize presets... etc.
Amelia Daffodil: YAY!! thank you! -- and all the photographers of SL thank you :)
Pastrami Linden: hehe
Torley Linden: E.g., for examples.
Pastrami Linden: you're welcome
Pastrami Linden: Amelia Daffodil: another question.....I always lose my "skirt" using windlight...always is invisible
Shelby Robbiani: there are?
Pastrami Linden: Amelia, fixed
Amelia Daffodil: woot!
Pastrami Linden: will be out in either the enxt release or the one after
Torley Linden: That skirt one I couldn't repro in this latest release...
Martin Scarborough: haha, not good :)
Zen Linden: Amelia: well
Pastrami Linden: ^next
Enchant Jacques shouts: would be nice to to find you hair up you backside also
Zen Linden: Amelia I'm still trying to repro it
Zen Linden: and can't
Shelby Robbiani: i've had the skirt one happen to me
Pastrami Linden: Milton Wisent: The new version fails with my hair turning to large polygons
Torley Linden: Enchant: That's not WindLight-specific but Open Source "doc" Nicholaz Beresford is working on it.
Zen Linden: shelby
Zen Linden: what card are you using?
Webby Merlin: *suspects the missing skirt bug is a feature desingned by males
Torley Linden: Is anyone able to reproduce the invisible skirt issue in 74642?
Pastrami Linden: sprry Milton, give us a sec
Shelby Robbiani: lol
McCabe Maxsted laughs
Torley Linden: WindLight: System skirt textures turn invisible on wearing -
Zen Linden: Best. Bug. Ever.
A C: I saw that sometimes Torley
Aaron Edelweiss: it's a "feature"
Iexo Bethune: XD
Daisy Overlord snickers.
Amelia Daffodil: let me put one on now sec
Torley Linden: OK thanks Amelia.
Iexo Bethune high-fives Zen college style. xD
Milton Wisent: That failure does occur on my avatar except in Windlight
Torley Linden: I wore 5 skirts in 74642 on my 8800GTS and couldn't make it happen.
Zen Linden: i wore a number on my x1300 in xp and couldn't make it happen
Pastrami Linden: 5 skirts at the same time?! You must have been hot!
Torley Linden: Uh, one after another. @_@
Torley Linden: Hahahahaaaaaaaa.
Pastrami Linden: ;)
Ron Overdrive: My trenchcoat and gi kept loosing its skirt on my 8800GTX on that version too Torley
Torley Linden: (And to check version, go to Help menu > About Second Life.)
Abacus Mimistrobell: would my ATI Mobility Radeon X1400 for my note book be able to handle those requirenments
Webby Merlin: sometimes you can see your own skirt but others see you without
Shelby Robbiani: me too...i tried it with multiple PC's
Amelia Daffodil: okay...I have the skirt on....I think I'm okay...I see it..
Webby Merlin: *brings to mind the Emporer's Clothes syndrome
Pastrami Linden: haha
Torley Linden: Oh gosh, part of our work is staring at skirts. o.O
Torley Linden: I still see your skirt, Amelia.
Amelia Daffodil: ROFL
Pastrami Linden: I feel like 1930s contruction workers
Amelia Daffodil: yay! I do too!! -- problem solved :))
Linegirl McMillan: I see it fine on my Nvidia 8600 GT
Pastrami Linden: yo Torley, check out dem skirts
Torley Linden: Hahaha. Fo realz.
Amelia Daffodil: hahaha!!
Zen Linden: let's hope. Comment on the jira if any of you see it again
Torley Linden: I wonder if we can resolve it has "Cannot Reproduce" if we have no fresh reports of... MISSING SKIRTS!
Torley Linden: Anyhoo, moving on...
Amelia Daffodil: LOL
Pastrami Linden: news wire, news wire- kidnappings reported - Roosevelt says missing skirts beleived to be former lounge singers
Amelia Daffodil: LMAO!
Abacus Mimistrobell: will u guys be having another discussion based on the havoc4 release?
Pastrami Linden: alright, next question :)
Pastrami Linden: Milton Wisent: The new version fails with my hair turning to large polygons
Pastrami Linden: hmm, I don't know - guys?
Torley Linden: Is it just your hair?
Vixens Populated Male AO: Couldn't find animation Champion!
Vixens Populated Male AO: Couldn't find animation Champion!
Zen Linden: Milton: it hopefully will be fixed in the next one.
Revvy Allen: hehe
Iexo Bethune: Hallu Revvy, my mirror-double finally got in. x3
Torley Linden: Oooh it's the shiny comparison board.
Pastrami Linden: Abacus Mimistrobell: i know this will renderglow be included in the windlight update or is that sumthing entirely different? and if so when can we expect to see this?
Torley Linden: And by the way everyone, go to Bug Island if you want to see some good content tests for comparing stuff... that's one place where we tested shiny.
You decline Research Park (44, 25, 42) from A group member named Larry Pixel.
Amelia Daffodil: cool
Pastrami Linden: glow is currently a feature that is available-
Pastrami Linden: ABacus do you mean scene-wide glow?
Pastrami Linden: what specifically do you eman?
Pastrami Linden: ^mean
Abacus Mimistrobell: yes
Torley Linden: Historical context: "RenderGlow" was added as an unsupported Debug Setting, but with the WindLight release, has become a per-object-face, supported feature.
Ollj Oh: that board needs a white textre
Abacus Mimistrobell: the reder glow is curently in the debug settings
Torley Linden: Abacus, you can now select an object, and under Texture tab, apply glow.
Gramma Fiddlesticks: Thanks BigPapi.
Pastrami Linden: oh, you can currently do that using RenderGlowMinLuminance, I believe
Torley Linden: Yup like Pastrami said...
Pastrami Linden: setting it low causes the showl screen to glow
Pastrami Linden: whole
Torley Linden: there are *several* RenderGlow parameters which you can tweak around if you want "wedding"-style or other "soft, dreamy" effects.
Pastrami Linden: wow my typing is bad today
Pastrami Linden: right, give it a shot
Torley Linden: Set RenderGlowMinLuminance = 0.000 for HAPPY ROMANCE TIME.
Amelia Daffodil: OOH!?
Abacus Mimistrobell: yes i used the glow in the edit tab but i dint notice any effect
Amelia Daffodil: do tell!!
Torley Linden: Abacus: What graphics card are you on?
Abacus Mimistrobell: ATI Mobility Radeon X1400
Abacus Mimistrobell: on my labtop
McCabe Maxsted: HAHAHA
Abacus Mimistrobell: i know i need to upgrade but is that sufficent for now?
Ron Overdrive: hey Jeremy, you need to make it blinking neon that scrolls on buy with the L$ at the begining and end for people to notice it xD
Pastrami Linden: Iexo Bethune: Hey, question... Water can now reflect everything. Are there plans to add that feature to shiny objects as well? Also, what's the ETA on light blossoms? Oh, and if it's not too much trouble, could you ask BigPapi Linden where he got his avatar?
Pastrami Linden: Iexo-
Torley Linden: Abacus, I'm not sure if that can display Glow... anyone know?
Pastrami Linden: 1. You're referring to dynamic reflections/cubemaps
Jeremy Linden will try adding some keywords next time.
Free Radar HUD v1.1 by Crystal Gadgets
Pastrami Linden: those are in the pipe- though tough to tell when we'll get to it- probably after a new material system
Amelia Daffodil: Torley, will you have a tutorial on renderglow? I'd love to learn more about that
Pastrami Linden: Torley, do you know if you can debug the dynamic reflections on?
Aaron Edelweiss: new material system?
Torley Linden: Pastrami: Yes, Runitai knows more but it's unstable on some systems and may CRASH your viewer, it's not supported.
Pastrami Linden: right
Aaron Edelweiss: I think Jeremy is trying to give us a hint
Torley Linden: Amelia: In my initial WindLight tutorial I showed how to turn it on/off but there are more esoteric and advanced usages I could get into in the future, I think.
Torley Linden: Great suggestion, thanks!
Jeremy Linden: Just being assertive.
Amelia Daffodil: would LOVE that! :)
Torley Linden: =D
Pastrami Linden: so Iexo, we know *how* to do it. It's just not perfect yet ;)
Revvy Allen: And ATI cards seem to hate windlight
Torley Linden: I use Glow on my eyes.
Iexo Bethune: Ah. x3
Pastrami Linden: 2. Light blossoms-
Amelia Daffodil: oooh I see!
Abacus Mimistrobell: eww
Amelia Daffodil: :))
Pastrami Linden: Iexo,
Iexo Bethune: Yeah I tried dynamic reflections, just seemed to slow everything down, while only reflecting the sun, and not much else.
Pastrami Linden: do you mean around light sources (like bulbs) or over the entire scene?
Abacus Mimistrobell: yeh im getting a new nvida 8800 so i should be good with that
Ron Overdrive: Revvy: thats because ATI doesn't like to play nice with OpenGL
Torley Linden: Oh that should be just fine, Abacus. =)
Amelia Daffodil: omg I love the reflections on the water...sooo pretty :)
Abacus Mimistrobell: yeh ive know that one ive had to update my drivers a few times
Revvy Allen: yep it kinda sucks
Pastrami Linden: Iexo?
Abacus Mimistrobell: ;/
Abacus Mimistrobell: ahh ok great thanks torley
Iexo Bethune: Not sure, I saw a picture somewhere of an example of light blossoms, whith light shining through a window and causing a neat effect, that's what I'm talking about.
BigPapi Linden: dynamic reflections are currently in a less than working state.
Pastrami Linden: oh, I think you mean volumetric light shafts?
Torley Linden: Iexo, if you find that picture again, please share the URL with us...
Iexo Bethune: What you said. o.o
Iexo Bethune: I think...
Pastrami Linden: as in, light through a dusty attic?
Torley Linden: I know there've been some neat tricks with alpha textures + gradients to do that sort of thing.
Pastrami Linden: Iexo, try using the debug setting "RenderGlowMinLuminance"
RobbyFox Anzac chomps on my burger
Pastrami Linden: set it low
Pastrami Linden: if that doesn't do it,
Torley Linden: OMG!
Iexo Bethune: Ah, thanks. x.x Sorry, totally missed that one. xD
Pastrami Linden: you mean volumetirc light - and there are some builds that feature those
Torley Linden: I bet you could get some cool effects with glow.
Torley Linden: Like the beginning of that Mr. Bean show...
Amelia Daffodil: hahahah!
Iexo Bethune: Yeah, how the light shafts can be made with prims?
Pastrami Linden: Torley, you know where to point him?
blogHUD Messenger: Your image post has arrived at []: see
RobbyFox Anzac: One question I have is, I was told there was a "glow" dropdown in the texture window of build to make an object glow i'm using windlight but don't see this option is this a bug ?
Torley Linden: Iexo, as Jeremy's demonstrating here, you could make a prim glow and it looks reasonably like a light shaft.
Torley Linden: RobbyFox: It's not a dropdown, but a spinner... in the upper-right.
Torley Linden: It's right under Transparency %.
Jeremy Linden: There's a second, flat prim on the bottom, to amplify the glow.
Torley Linden: Spinner means, one of those fields you enter numbers in and have the little up/down arrows.
Iexo Bethune: Yeah, I should'a caught that one. x3
RobbyFox Anzac: /yes only Option I have is Light
Abacus Mimistrobell: hmm
Revvy Allen: hehe
Abacus Mimistrobell: its there for me
Pastrami Linden: Ron Overdrive: is there an ETA when the Windlight client will be open sourced?
Abacus Mimistrobell: and also in the effects tab
Torley Linden: Are you sure you're on WindLight? What's it say in Help menu > About Second Life?
Jeremy Linden: Glow is located on the Texture tab, rather than the Features tab in WindLight.
Pastrami Linden: Brad?
RobbyFox Anzac: Im Windlight build 1.18.5 is that current hehe might be outdated client.
RobbyFox Anzac get's busy hehe
Brad Linden: Ron: the windlight client source was released around the time we started with firstlook releases
Iexo Bethune: I was also wondering, though, and I hope you don't mind me asking in lieu of my really dumb question, when glow will be in LSL, and if anyone else has reported a bug where fullbright is disabled on a surface or prim with glow after being taken into inventory then rezzed again?
Pastrami Linden: Jeremy, that light shaft is awesome!
Brad Linden: it's probably time to release the source again
Torley Linden: Wow. Way kewl demo, Jeremy.
RobbyFox Anzac: I'm on the release candidate
Pastrami Linden: I'm going to stand in it to be "savior Kirby"
blogHUD Messenger: Your image post has arrived at []: see
Jeremy Linden: Hey, I gotta contribute to office hours somehow, right? ;-)
Abacus Mimistrobell: BAHAHAH
Jeremy Linden: Try now.
Ron Overdrive: heh its not phantom
Torley Linden: Iexo, it's on our list of to-dos -- see
Torley Linden: And re: that bug, not familiar with it offhand but if it's WindLight-specific, please report it.
RobbyFox Anzac: Torley could you please list the windlight downlaod link so I can update my client please *^_^* ?
BigPapi Linden: All hail the holy kirby!
Torley Linden: RobbyFox,
Pastrami Linden: BEHOLD MY GLORY
Iexo Bethune: Will do, was just wondering if it's already been. x3
RobbyFox Anzac bows to Kirby
RobbyFox Anzac: Thanks Torley *^_^*
Pastrami Linden: lol
Torley Linden: You're welcome.
Pastrami Linden: Gramma Fiddlesticks: We have experienced a lot of issues lately between Voice and Windlight with choppy broken sounds. The behavior is not being seen between the current regular viewer and Voice. Is this a known issue or just a glitch that will go away on it';s own as some seem to do. =))
Pastrami Linden: nice
Iexo Bethune: xD
Pastrami Linden: Gramma,
Pastrami Linden: I haven't heard much in the ways of their bad interaction
Torley Linden: - windlight viewer does not deliver a constant voice stream
Torley Linden: Please attach a log file there.
Zen Linden: for a canibal, he really is kinda cute
Pastrami Linden: oh well there you go!
Pastrami Linden: If a kirby canabilizes another, does he gain all the consumes powers?
Iexo Bethune: Oh, did BigPapi answer my third question about his airship avatar?
Torley Linden: That was a hecka kewl airship.
Pastrami Linden: oh right, BigPapi?
RobbyFox Anzac: Torley I have an off topic question, Can you do paino Q&A for us performers *^_^* ? I got so many questions about quility to import and stuff about it.
RobbyFox Anzac: or can we notecard you =) ?
Torley Linden: RobbyFox: Email to me is prolly best, I'll add it to my FAQ if I get asked a lot about it. =)
Torley Linden: Plz see the link in my profile, it has more info about how to contact me etc.
RobbyFox Anzac: Thanks
Torley Linden: YW!
Torley Linden: What's our next WindLight Q?
Pastrami Linden: Iexo, I've IMd BigPapi
BigPapi Linden: I had missed the question lexo. sorry.
Iexo Bethune: Thanks. x3
Pastrami Linden: Webby Merlin: Hoping to get an update on the status of UNDERWATER views in the next WL release...
Iexo Bethune: Is 'kay
Pastrami Linden: Webby,
BigPapi Linden: I got it at the top floor of grendel's children
Pastrami Linden: we know underwater is too murky
Pastrami Linden: we won't get to it for a few releases,
BigPapi Linden: There is a section that sells steampunk avs.
Torley Linden: WindLight: Default underwater fog is too thick & murky -
Iexo Bethune: Have a Landmark?
Pastrami Linden: but we *will* get to it
BigPapi Linden: Lemme check
Pastrami Linden: Aaron Edelweiss: Windlight features don't work at all with nvidia beta drivers 169.xx. Is that a windlight bug or broken/beta nvidia drivers?
Zen Linden: Webby: yeah, i'll be taking that at some point and making two different water fog levels
Iexo Bethune: Thank you! =^.^=
Pastrami Linden: Aaron, known issue-
Zen Linden: but i don't want to add any new features until we're in the main viewer
Pastrami Linden: Torley, link?
Ron Overdrive: yeah, I can't run windlight at all on my laptop with the 169.04 linux drivers
Torley Linden:
Torley Linden: WindLight: Fails to load shaders under NVIDIA beta 169.xx
Torley Linden: See comments in there for what we found out so far.
Pastrami Linden: Abacus Mimistrobell: can u guys explain in detail the new "imposter avatars"?
Pastrami Linden: Torley, you wanna send Abacus the link to FAQ?
Torley Linden: Ooh that's where Jeremy's documentation comes in handy, right? :)
Pastrami Linden: or yeah, that
Pastrami Linden: :)
Jeremy Linden runs for the link.
Torley Linden: See the WindLight FAQ (and documentation!) here...
Abacus Mimistrobell: yes i read it actually but whats the performace differance on the graphics
Abacus Mimistrobell: lag and such
BigPapi Linden: Jeremy trying to beat Torley to a link. Rookie mistake.
Abacus Mimistrobell: haha
Pastrami Linden: BigPapi - amateur
Iexo Bethune: Bweh he
BigPapi Linden: yeah
Jeremy Linden: Heheh. Yeah, I'm out of my class on that one.
Torley Linden: Abacus, I actually have a video showing some of the differences, but the best way is to experiment for yourself.
blogHUD Messenger: Your image post has arrived at []: see
Torley Linden: Try it out and adjust Avatars Mesh Detail -- at lower detail, avatars will become impostors at nearer distances.
Pastrami Linden: Frolic Mills: Hi Pastrami - I would love to publish your recommendations for windlight users on my mag (THE BEST OF SL Mag) - Is there any way I can get this info from you?
Pastrami Linden: Frolic, tell you what-
Abacus Mimistrobell: hehee
Torley Linden: is the Avatar Impostors article Jeremy wrote up (w00t!) in our Knowledge Base, note that you'll need to login if you haven't yet to get there.
Pastrami Linden: wait until it's in the mainline viewer
Frolic Mills: tell me
Pastrami Linden: then message me
Pastrami Linden: it's going through too many changes at the moment
Frolic Mills: kk will do so - ty :)
Torley Linden: And while we're on the link-craze... the impostors video I made is @
Pastrami Linden: when it's ready , then will be a good time to discuss tips and trickls
Abacus Mimistrobell: awsome thank u very much
Jeremy Linden: is the link you can use from the outside... it'll redirect you to the support login page, and then to the article.
Pastrami Linden: Amelia Daffodil: do you anticipate that developers will have to adjust their textures, toning and details to meet the new look in Windlight?
Torley Linden: Some things are gonna be prone to settling and much excitation. =o)
Pastrami Linden: Amelia Daffodil: As a developer I am planning a new build next year. Would it be wise for me to develop the whole sim in Windlight so that when it is fully released my sim will already be optimized?
Pastrami Linden: Amelia, I'd say this-
Pastrami Linden: yes, but not nearly as much as you think right now
Pastrami Linden: right now some of the rpesets and light model are too strong
Amelia Daffodil: oh?
Amelia Daffodil: aah yes
Pastrami Linden: ^presets
Pastrami Linden: I and others will be tweaking that a lot
Abacus Mimistrobell: and quick question how can uchange your draw distance with the new graphics tab
Pastrami Linden: eventually I expect new WindLight to be at most 20% off from the old look and feel
Abacus Mimistrobell: nice
Pastrami Linden: whereas now I'd say it's as much as 40% off
Pastrami Linden: Abacus-
Torley Linden: I think one of the wisest things a content creator to do is view their creations under a variety of circumstances, whether they're in WindLight or not... e.g., try setting graphics details to low and compare. It's important to remember a lot of other people will see your builds, clothes, etc. somewhat differently in any case.
Amelia Daffodil: ah...okay thank you
Pastrami Linden: ctrl+p
Abacus Mimistrobell: awsome thanks
Pastrami Linden: Graphics
Pastrami Linden: Custom
Torley Linden: ALWAYS a good idea to ask friends to come around and check things out and give you their *informed* opinion too.
Abacus Mimistrobell: yeh
Pastrami Linden: got it Amelia?
Amelia Daffodil: perfect
Amelia Daffodil: thankyou
Pastrami Linden: yep
Pastrami Linden: Shelby Robbiani: Is there an eta for when Windlight will be the primary viewer?
Pastrami Linden: early 08
Pastrami Linden: alright guys, I have time for one last question
Pastrami Linden: anyone?
Amelia Daffodil: this has been GREAT!
Abacus Mimistrobell: in the old clinet theres a nuber value for draw distance but i dint see the same or a slider of anykind for it
Pastrami Linden: thanks
Torley Linden: Thanx for being with us and being curious... and of course, for using WindLight!
Amelia Daffodil: is there a group where we can be informed of more meetings like this?
Frolic Mills: ty all for the valuable info guys :)
Torley Linden: Abacus, it's a slider when Custom is checked.
Torley Linden: Amelia, yup, First Look group.
Abacus Mimistrobell: ahhhh ok PERFECT
Iexo Bethune: Invite me?
Amelia Daffodil: yay! thanks
Torley Linden: And meeting times are right here:
Iexo Bethune: Oh wait, nevermind. xD
Torley Linden: Scroll down a bit... =)
Iexo Bethune ish too used to asking people to invite him. xD
Torley Linden: We'll keep updating that WindLight wiki page to provide up-to-date info, and these Q&A session transcripts will be posted too, so if you missed something, you can catch up.
Pastrami Linden: alright all, I have to run
Torley Linden: We really REALLY want to keep you informed and excited about Team WindLight's work.
Pastrami Linden: thanks for the enthusiasm and interest!!!
Iexo Bethune: Bye bye Lindens! Keep up the good work!
Pastrami Linden: you too! later!
Jeremy Linden waves
Amelia Daffodil: thanks Lindens!!
BigPapi Linden: later!
Iexo Bethune waves
Frolic Mills: ciao
Revvy Allen: Bye:)
A C: ciao
Jeremy Linden: Dont' forget about Documentation office hours on Fridays at 2pm! ;-D
Gramma Fiddlesticks: Thanks a bunch guys for having these meetings. =)) and than you BIG time for fixing shiny. =))
A C: :)
Torley Linden: Yup learn more about learning Second Life with Jeremy!
Torley Linden: Hehe yup our pleasure, thanx for all the feedback!
Jeremy Linden: I'm always on the lookout for ways to improve the knowledge base. I appreciate your input :-)
Torley Linden: It's super-welcome and appreciated and helps us to help you... you know how that goes.
Gramma Fiddlesticks: bye now. =))
Iexo Bethune: Noone even noticed I had a polar opposite with me, either... ;.;
Revvy Allen: hehe
Amelia Daffodil: I did lexo :)
Iexo Bethune: He's like myevil twin. o.o
Iexo Bethune: xD Thank you
Iexo Bethune: iexo* By the way
Revvy Allen: *evil grin*hehe
Torley Linden: Hahaha, cute rabbits.
Torley Linden: I really like rabbits.
Revvy Allen: Yep yep
Iexo Bethune blushes. =^o^=
Brad Linden: later all! thanks for coming!
Iexo Bethune: Bye bye!
Torley Linden: See you guys later, perhaps at our next Office Hour! Take care and enjoy WindLight.