WindLight/Office Hours/2008-01-24

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FlashFX Tomorrow: well, atloeast you can log in, lol
FlashFX Tomorrow: atleast'
Lavi LaSalle: that girl is killing me
Mastorian Kingsford: yeah that started at 3am est this morning was weird sl kept haing log in go funky
Dimitrio Lewis: Natasha Bedingfield sounds pretty good when the pitch is lowered 40%
FlashFX Tomorrow: no, thats not it Mastorian, we have not been able to log into Windlight at all for two weeks
Time Minder: You have been online for 1 hours.
FlashFX Tomorrow: giving us "Incorrect username or passowrd" errors
FlashFX Tomorrow: obviously since we are here, our pass works fine in reg sl
Jeremy Linden: Hey Brad, hey everyone.
Lavi LaSalle: hi guys
Brad Linden: Hi Jeremy, Hi all!
WidgetHUD v1.1: Brad Linden has pinged you.
Alia Itano: hi
FlashFX Tomorrow: hi
Keisha Ninetails: I'm on windlight now
Mastorian Kingsford: hi
Keisha Ninetails: don't trust the remember password to remember your password
Alia Itano: lol
Lavi LaSalle: so who is answering the questions today?
Brad Linden: I think Pastrami should be here soon
Zen Linden: Pastrami's not coming
FlashFX Tomorrow: good old pastrami
Brad Linden: never mind then
Dimitrio Lewis: hey Marianne :)
FlashFX Tomorrow: lol
Marianne McCann: Hiya
Lavi LaSalle: is Pizza coming also?
FlashFX Tomorrow: bigpapi!
Jeremy Linden: Hrm. No Pastrami, no Torley.... Do I need to make yet another sign?
Zen Linden: nor Torley, so I guess just IM questions to me
BigPapi Linden: hello
Marianne McCann: Hey-lo!
Mastorian Kingsford: i would like to say this windlight for once likes the ati 1200 series video cards
Zen Linden puts on best torley impression
Jeremy Linden: More watermelon!
Zen Linden: Please IM Questions to me!
Lavi LaSalle: I have, cant wait for the answer
Zen Linden: Any word on the "Incorrect user name or password" issue? We have not been able to log into Windlight for over two weeks. They stated it would be fixed on this release but still having the same issue. Username and Password works fine in regular sl
BigPapi Linden shouts: Can the music please be cut out?
Lavi LaSalle: lol, I bet that was your question Flash
Lavi LaSalle: I asked the same hahah
Zen Linden: Whoops, yes
FlashFX Tomorrow: yes maam
Lavi LaSalle: lmao
Zen Linden: we'll be reverting back to the old login screen in a few releases
Zen Linden: we're not there yet
Lavi LaSalle: a FEW releases?
Zen Linden: that should clear up the majority of the issues
Brad Linden: Appologies for promising that ahead of time
Lavi LaSalle: do we have a time frame for that?
Brad Linden: it's taken longer to get the login screen code reverted than we would have liked, looking like next week
FlashFX Tomorrow: ok, you do know this is cross platforms right?
FlashFX Tomorrow: Im on a MAC, shes on a pc
Al Sonic: I had to use the old
Lavi LaSalle: old what? password?
Al Sonic: teleport-to-mainland first, then teleport here, to get here.
Zen Linden: yep, it has to do with viewer auth on our end, so it would be cross platform
Zen Linden: 13:06] Marianne McCann: Question: I've been seeing other glitches beyond the position error on postcards when using anythign other than current window on snapshots. No comments on the JIRA beyond my report. Any reports of issues remaining with this (I'm using a brand new out of the box 20" iMac)
Zen Linden: hmmm... what's the jira?
Marianne McCann:
Highest Fall: waht's happening?
Marianne McCann: There is a photo attachment there. Basically, builds are looking, um, shattered is the best word
Zen Linden: hmmm Marianne: I'm going to look through our bug log, one sec ( I am nowhere near as fast as Torley)
Marianne McCann nods
Zen Linden: I don't think that ones been addressed. I'll import it and take a closer look, unless one of the other guys knows more on this one
BigPapi Linden: No one is anywhere near as fast as Torley.
Runitai Linden: looks like zfighting, possibly due to using an offscreen render target
Runitai Linden: what options do you have checked in the snapshot floater?
Shania Barzane: i have been unable to upload textures all this update related?
Marianne McCann: Nothing other than changing the resolution
Runitai Linden: what's your SL window resolution and what resolution postcard are you trying to send?
Marianne McCann: It actually loses this (see comment on page) with current window sizing, but not with any absolute size
Summer Seale: \o/
Marianne McCann: SL Window was roughly 800 x 600, with a snapshop resolution of 1024 x 768
Runitai Linden: yup, that'll make it use render to texture which will lose some z precision
Runitai Linden: without it you'd see other artifacts, like seams in water reflection or glow
Marianne McCann nods
Runitai Linden: you can workaround that by making your SL window the size of the postcard you want to send
Zen Linden: [13:07] Mastorian Kingsford: the changes you are doing for the mac issues seems to be fixing wind light to run correct on ati 1200-1250 series onboard video i have good fram rates no white squares in sky and the rings in sky have gone , skys great there is a slight weird effect with basic shaders on but if turned off everything is fine :-)
Runitai Linden: just maximizing the window should do it
Marianne McCann: Yup, RUnitai - that was the workaround I went with, as well
Zen Linden: Mastorian: cool! What's the weird effect?
Mastorian Kingsford: a white ring on 10 percent of the horizon all around me
Flux Woyseck: Adjust your graphic settings
Flux Woyseck: I had black rings that did that
Mastorian Kingsford: hmmmm
Flux Woyseck: Graphics . Mesh Detail > Sky
Zen Linden: hmm... i bet that's not going to work. He's using fallback sky if he's on default settings
Zen Linden: do you have a jira up for it?
Mastorian Kingsford: i had sky full setings went extream low was still there also tried all screens res's i could handle stayed
Mastorian Kingsford: so i turned basic shaders off and left every thing else high lol
Zen Linden: hmm... I'd love it if you opened a jira about it.
Zen Linden: we'll add it to the list
Mastorian Kingsford: k
Zen Linden: 13:08] Flux Woyseck: Is the camera focusing issue a Windlight bug or does it effect all clients? (the camera issue I am reffering to is when you alt zoom an object, the camera takes focus on the root prim rather the prim yours trying to zoom on)
Brad Linden: Zen Crashed, he'll be right back
Brad Linden: Flux: that was a windlight specific bug to my knowledge
Flux Woyseck: Ok
Yuu Nakamichi: welcome back zen
Mastorian Kingsford: on a side note what happened to sl since 3am est its hard to log in and invintory is laging my profile pic isnt loading ?
Zen Linden: sorry about that
Zen Linden: so, camera bug
Flux Woyseck: It only seems to happen on larger builds (20m=)
BigPapi Linden: jeremy: can you make that sign full copy?
WidgetHUD v1.1: BigPapi Linden has pinged you.
Zen Linden: hmm... even with this latest release?
Jeremy Linden: Working on doing one better... gimme a moment :-)
BigPapi Linden: k
Zen Linden: I fixed a bug that was related to it in this release
Zen Linden: where alt zoom would occasionally not work properly
Flux Woyseck: Hello Summer ♥
Summer Seale: hi flux =)
Flux Woyseck: Ok great
Zen Linden accepted your inventory offer.
BigPapi Linden accepted your inventory offer.
Al Sonic: Just sitting down here, I found that I tried to sit on one of these linked chair prims and found myself sitting on the root prim, far away from where I'd clicked. Heh.
Couples MultiAnimator v2d whispers: * Abranimations Couples Animator Ready...
Zen Linden: Summer Seale: i noticed the people disappearing at high altitudes hasn't been fixed yet.
Yuu Nakamichi: Is there a way to make sl use multiple cpus, intel core duo for example? I can't seem to find anything on the jira
Zen Linden: really, we hoped we had gotten that one summer
Summer Seale: nope you didn't
Zen Linden: you're still seeing it? Grrr....
BigPapi Linden: Nice! WTG jeremy.
WidgetHUD v1.1: BigPapi Linden has pinged you.
Summer Seale: at least not for me. i tried it about an hour ago
Summer Seale: ya. i had to turn off avatar imposters again
Zen Linden: hmm... that fixed it for you?
Summer Seale: yup
Aki Shichiroji: argh. yay for crashing.
BigPapi Linden: Yuu, please IM questions to Zen
Daaneth Kivioq: I have a question: the quality of the water seems to have gotten much worse in this release of windlight - why?
Jeremy Linden: Whoa, hi Pastrami!
CloudSteel Yatsenko: lol
Summer Seale: i think it has to do with windlight thinking somebody is really far away because of altitude so it renders an imposter basically at null size so you can't see it and it appears invisible.
Marianne McCann: Ouch
Summer Seale: hi pastrami
Pastrami Linden: hi all
Pastrami Linden: was busy skinning this yoshi
CloudSteel Yatsenko: Hi past
Aki Shichiroji had a question and is not sure if it came through, Zen.
Summer Seale: at least that's my theory, zen
Zen Linden: summer: we'll take a nother look. Please leave a not on the jira about it if you can
Yuu Nakamichi: bigpapi: oops, done.
Zen Linden: aki: send it again
Summer Seale: ya i'll try to do it tonight. i'm swamped right now =(
Zen Linden: np
Mastorian Kingsford: from pink to green the suspence hangs me on the edge of suspence haha
Zen Linden: [13:26] Yuu Nakamichi: Hello! Is there a way to make sl use multiple cpus, intel core duo for example? I can't seem to find anything on the jira
CloudSteel Yatsenko: Zen i have a New question about support Online when any Residente needed it
Daaneth Kivioq drops a pin...
Guy Ireland: u guys works in SL?
Guy's translator:
Pastrami Linden: hey all- IM me until Zen comes back
Marianne McCann giggles
Aki Shichiroji: He's back :P
Aki Shichiroji: or not?
Aki Shichiroji: heh
Aki Shichiroji is lagging.
Jeremy Linden: Whoa. Did we lose Boston?
Pastrami Linden accepted your inventory offer.
Pastrami Linden: [13:29] Daaneth Kivioq: Daaneth Kivioq: I have a question: the quality of the water seems to have gotten much worse in this release of windlight - why? Daaneth Kivioq: also I noticed that the available texture memmory has doubled - does this mean SLI is working?
Mastorian Kingsford: must have went for coffie
Pastrami Linden: Daaneth, what do you mean the water got worse?
Aki Shichiroji: Pastrami> there are no reflections
CloudSteel Yatsenko: or more life not sure
Aki Shichiroji: water is opaque blue at times
Zen Linden: aki: what card do you have?
Aki Shichiroji: Radeon 9600XT
Guy Ireland: dowload windlight
Guy's translator:
Daaneth Kivioq: the water is just a plae blob, all the walveets and reflections are gone
Zen Linden: try the next release. If you're using the 7.12 drivers or 8.1, you'll have problems with ATI until our next release
CloudSteel Yatsenko: talking about where has the windlight for download?
Zen Linden: aki
Guy Ireland: I use Intel Extreme
Guy's translator: Unable to translate. Too many users. Please try again soon
Pastrami Linden: Daaneth what gpu?
CloudSteel Yatsenko: i still do not know where xD
Zen Linden: wait, aki, is this mac or pc
Aki Shichiroji: Zen> Mac
Daaneth Kivioq: twin 8800 GTS
Guy Ireland: and I use windlight its works well
Aki Shichiroji: Happening on my PC too though
Aki Shichiroji: on an Nvidia 6150
Daaneth Kivioq: it looked GREAT in the last revision
Summer Seale: SL works with SLi setups?
Summer Seale: last i tried it didn't work but that was like 6 months ago
Zen Linden: (i was only talking about pc... i was just about to test the 9600 on mac... like minutes from now. :) )
Aki Shichiroji: Zen> yay :D
Guy Ireland: go to SL websited and download
Guy's translator: Unable to translate. Too many users. Please try again soon
CloudSteel Yatsenko: normal site?
Pastrami Linden: Daaneth that is weird
Pastrami Linden: but I think I know what the issue is-
Daaneth Kivioq: let me show you one sec
Pastrami Linden: we recently fixed an issue with certain GeForce drivers
CloudSteel Yatsenko: ty
Guy Ireland:
Guy's translator:
Summer Seale: \o/ for fixes of geforce driver issues
Aki Shichiroji: I noticed changing the class numbers for the cards as suggested by someone on the forums seemed to help
Aki Shichiroji: but i have not tried that for the Mac yet
Aki Shichiroji: and the new install reset everything anyway
Guy Ireland: so sl can work Intel Extreme card?
Guy's translator:
Pastrami Linden: Daaneth if it shows up in the next release, let me know
CloudSteel Yatsenko: i think that them will be testing everyday
CloudSteel Yatsenko: ?
Guy Ireland: I hope SL work well with Intel Extreme
Guy's translator: Unable to translate. Too many users. Please try again soon
Zen Linden: yeah, aki, i suspect the next release may help, but i'll find out for sure in about 20 minutes :)
Daaneth Kivioq: see what i mean?
Aki Shichiroji: alrighty
Aki Shichiroji: :]
Zen Linden: Keisha Ninetails: what's the word on getting the sun settings put back in the terrain tab of the estate controls?
Zen Linden: done.... did that today
Zen Linden: keisha
Keisha Ninetails: ty :)
Summer Seale: is that accessible by estate managers as well?
Zen Linden: so next release
Zen Linden: these are the region controls
Zen Linden: the estate controls have always been there
Daaneth Kivioq: what about thew second part of my question, and what about this next release?
Guy Ireland: so u guys works in SL then?
Guy's translator:
Summer Seale: they don't work in SL. they are SL.
Summer Seale: yo'ure talking to the matrix, dood.
Summer Seale giggles
Aki Shichiroji: Guy - yes they do. This is the Office Hours session for the new Windlight client. If you have any questions about that, try IMing Zen. He'll be able to field it.
Pastrami Linden: Daaneth you mean SLI?
CloudSteel Yatsenko: SLI?
Pastrami Linden: SLI is Nvidia's method of running two GPUs at once in a single machine
Summer Seale: ya. does it work with SL now?
CloudSteel Yatsenko: oh
Summer Seale: SLi used to crash *bigtime* on SL
Runitai Linden: yeah, my main dev machine at work is SLI vista
Summer Seale: oh okay thanks runitai
Summer Seale: appreciated
Runitai Linden throws himself on the vista grenade.
Summer Seale: \o/ i can turn on SLi when i feel unlazy enough to add the card again
Pastrami Linden: no, nothing new has been introduced to harness it *better*, if that's what you meant Daaneth
CloudSteel Yatsenko: its new for me
Zen Linden: Aki Shichiroji: Aki Shichiroji: I'm afraid i haven't had a chance to check the previous log for this, but i noticed that some video cards are now marked as not supporting shaders. In many cases, this means no more reflective water at all, even without atmospheric shaders. Is this meant to be a permanent change? Or do lower end users stand to have any visual improvement at all with the WL client at this point?
Runitai Linden: SLI only helps if you go fullscreen, though
Daaneth Kivioq: but my texture memory available has gone form 640 to 1280
Aki Shichiroji: Zen> i did end up sending that to Pastrami, and i think it's similar to Daaneth's question
Aki Shichiroji: sorry for the duplicate
Zen Linden: Aki: are you referring to 9600-9800 mobility?
Aki Shichiroji: Zen> 9600XT on the Mac Powerbook PPC
Carl Omlet: Any news on how mono is coming along? They haven't spoken about it in a while.
Runitai Linden: Daaneth: no, SLI is like a RAID for vram, you only have 640MB available, but it's mirrored on two cards
Daaneth Kivioq: but it says I have 1280!
Zen Linden: shaders are masked out on pc for 9600-9800 mobility till dell can update their drivers, but I didn't know about the MacBook being masked out
Summer Seale: i have a macbook but i only run Onrez on it. i run windlight on my PC
Aki Shichiroji: It might not be on the Macbook, but it is on the powerbook
Zen Linden: you can't turn shaders on ever aki?
Aki Shichiroji: Zen> the options are there, and they are checkable, but they don't do anything.
Zen Linden: it's disabled?
Aki Shichiroji: i used to at least be able to get reflections from prims, static objects etc
Aki Shichiroji: now it makes no difference whether that option is checked or not
Zen Linden: hmm... hadn't seen this. Is there a public jira about it?
Aki Shichiroji: i did post in a similar jira, let me check
Runitai Linden: sounds like shaders are failing to load
Zen Linden: yep
Daaneth Kivioq: When is this new windlight going to release
Zen Linden: [13:38] Guy Ireland: so Intel Extreme graphic work well with SL? [13:40] Guy Ireland: why when I download onrez software, its lagging alot and when I use windlight, its minimise the lag?
Guy Ireland: why onrez and SL software lagging alot for me but windlight is good
Guy's translator: Unable to translate. Too many users. Please try again soon
Zen Linden: Guy: don't know a heck of a lot of what on rez is doing diffrerently for rendering. Glad WL is working for you
Summer Seale: onrez works fine for me but i only use windlight on my pc since about 2 months now
Summer Seale: or whenver you guys released it again
Aki Shichiroji: re: water Jira, i posted my comments on this over the last WL release here: I have not seen any changes as of yet, either with or without atmospheric shaders enabled.
Tricia Huldschinsky: opa
Aki Shichiroji: perhaps related is the fact that my water disappears completely with atmospheric shaders turned on
Zen Linden: aki: awesome. I'll see if we can do anything about it, though i don't have a powerbook around here to test on :(
Aki Shichiroji: oog :(
Aki Shichiroji: alrighty, thanks
Zen Linden: we'll see how the iMac with the 9600 does
Zen Linden: [13:44] Carl Omlet: Any news on how MONO is coming along? :)
Aki Shichiroji would gladly trade you her unit for something else :P
Zen Linden: aki: lol
CloudSteel Yatsenko: Reborn!
Jack666 Carter: LOL Aki
Summer Seale: lol
Zen Linden: Carl: umm... probably not the best group to ask
Carl Omlet: Alright.
CloudSteel Yatsenko: lol
CloudSteel Yatsenko: Inventory system down Zen?
Zen Linden: [13:49] Aimee Trescothick: hey :) Question: Could we have an option to turn on FSAA on the Mac please? The world looks soooo much prettier with it on :) (I'm running the patch to hack it in from VWR-2600)
Aimee Trescothick: (Full Screen Anti-Aliasing)
Carl Omlet: Yeah, that would be nice. Im lucky enough to have an ATI card so i can use the ATI software to enable it.
Runitai Linden: Aimee: that's on my todo list post windlight along with some impostor cleanup
Zen Linden: [13:35] Summer Seale: how much linden could a linden linden spend if a linden spending linden spent lindens?
Zen Linden: umm... okay
Zen Linden: :)
Mastorian Kingsford: lol
Summer Seale: lol
Pastrami Linden: 4
Summer Seale: you did answer it!
Summer Seale: i was being silly
Summer Seale grins
Zen Linden: obviously
Zen Linden: :)
Zen Linden: had to post it
Summer Seale: lol
Runitai Linden: hmm I could spend 3,685
Brad Linden: we see your silly and raise you a deadpan...
Summer Seale: haha
Runitai Linden: but then I'd have to print some more
Summer Seale: bigpapi already answered in IM: 42
Summer Seale: he wins =)
Keisha Ninetails: nope, doesn't work :/
Aimee Trescothick: well that was a well timed crash lol
Runitai Linden: holy green poof, batman
Keisha Ninetails: .
Guy Ireland: ask Zen a question james
Guy's translator:
James8 Halderman: lol
xJames8: lol
Pastrami Linden: he'll be back soon
James8 Halderman: my Windlight is always lagging, really bad.
xJames8: meu Windlight é sempre retardar-se, realmente mau.
James8 Halderman: its better in the regular Second Life
xJames8: seu melhor na segunda vida regular
Summer Seale: ok
Runitai Linden: James: can you copy the info from top pane of help->about second life here?
Carl Omlet: I'd love to use windlight, it runs tons faster for me. But sometimes avatars disappear still.
James8 Halderman: ok
xJames8: aprovação
Summer Seale: thanks everyone. i gotta run. thanks for answering so many questions and putting so much work into windlight. i love windlight <3 it is very very appreciated.
Guy Ireland: well I am confuse works better windlight for me not regular SL
Guy's translator:
James8 Halderman: where do i find that?
xJames8: onde eu encontro aquele?
Summer Seale: *muahs*
Zen Linden: [13:55] Aki Shichiroji: I am unsure whether this has been covered yet, but is the alpha texture opacity bug known as of yet, and is it in any way connected to the problems causing this bug as reported about a month ago?
Marianne McCann seems to be a bit more crash prone this time around
Aki Shichiroji: The new bug seems to be present based on LOD
Runitai Linden: Aki: working on it still
Aki Shichiroji: but the old one as reported had nothing to do with LOD... so i don't know if it's necessarily connected in that sense
Aki Shichiroji: alrighty
Carl Omlet: Yeah, I had that same problem aki.
Marianne McCann: Carl - same here (but seeing alphas rendered solid. Need to JIRA that yet)
Runitai Linden: James8: click "Help" at the top of your screen, "About Second Life" at the bottom of the menu
Runitai Linden: Aki: the new one in the last windlight was a stupid oversight by me
James8 Halderman: ah, i clicked "in world" help
xJames8: ah, eu estalei "a ajuda no mundo"
Dennis Slocombe: ahh
Dennis Slocombe: Mr. Linden
Aki Shichiroji: alrighty. i'll sit tight for the new release then :)
Dennis Slocombe: thanks guy for the TP
Dennis Slocombe: :-D
Guy Ireland: u welcome
Mastorian Kingsford: ahh perfection lol thats way better
Al Sonic: Totally clear stuff rendered totally solid? That's .
Marianne McCann: Thanks, Al
Dennis Slocombe: is this a meeting??
Al Sonic: A meeting that's ending around now.
Dennis Slocombe: or a place to talk about our concerns???
Guy Ireland: yeah for question about SL
Guy's translator: Unable to translate. Too many users. Please try again soon
James8 Halderman: I don't know how to use this help menu
xJames8: Eu não sei usar este menu de ajuda
Dennis Slocombe: oh, ok
Dennis Slocombe: i guess this is going via Type
Guy Ireland: yeah
Guy's translator: Unable to translate. Too many users. Please try again soon
Dennis Slocombe: i do have some concerns though
Guy Ireland: ask linden they work here
Guy's translator: Unable to translate. Too many users. Please try again soon
Dennis Slocombe: ok
Mastorian Kingsford: for ati users the new ati cats on jan 16th helped ati 1200 series get better frame rates ect
James8 Halderman: i did want to report some suspected bots, while i'm here.
xJames8: eu quis relatar alguns bots suspeitados, quando eu estiver aqui.
Flight Band: All Go
Runitai Linden: James: use help->report abuse
Time Minder: You have been online for 2 hours.
James8 Halderman: oh, then I already did that
Dennis Slocombe: i got 2 people in Wings of Hope that are acusing me of Lying, cheating, stealing & being an Unchristian man they think i am
Runitai Linden: I crashed, did you ever paste your info from help->about second life?
xJames8: oh, então eu fiz já aquele
Shania Barzane: this is about windlight? :\
Aki Shichiroji: Dennis> do you have a question about the Windlight Firstlook client?
James8 Halderman: i couldn't ban one of them from my land though.
xJames8: eu não poderia proibir um deles de minha terra though.
Dennis Slocombe: i've sent numeous tickets,E-mails & have done everything i can to get these peoples SL account suspended for a time
James8 Halderman: yes,
xJames8: sim,
Dennis Slocombe: everything from Abuse Reports & more
Zen Linden: Anyway, any more questions?
James8 Halderman: my Windlight is always lagging, here
xJames8: meu Windlight está retardando-se sempre, aqui
Dennis Slocombe: & i'm not seeing any improvement on that matter
Dennis Slocombe: no
Runitai Linden: James8: can you paste the info from the top panel of help->about second life again, I missed it due to crash
Pastrami Linden: James8, what graphics setting are you at?
Dennis Slocombe: but, i do have a problem
Guy Ireland: well james not me so each software is different
Guy's translator:
James8 Halderman: Guy Ireland: what is ur graphic card [13:42] James8 Halderman: oh, i musyt check [13:48] James8 Halderman: Mbile Intel (R) 915GM/GMS, 910GML Express Chipset Family. [13:51] James8 Halderman: my display, is the "Plug and Play" monitor, part of my Dell Latitude 110L laptop.
xJames8: Guy Ireland: o que é o cartão gráfico do ur [ 13:42 ] James8
Halderman: oh, verificação do musyt de i [ 13:48 ] James8 Halderman:
Mbile Intel (R) 915GM/GMS, 910GML Expressa A Família Do Chipset. [
13:51 ] James8 Halderman: minha exposição, é do "o monitor plugue e
do jogo", peça de meu laptop da latitude 110L de Dell.
Guy Ireland: Intel Extreme
Guy's translator: Unable to translate. Too many users. Please try again soon
Dennis Slocombe: their names are Maggie Barkely & Sixgin Ayers
Aki Shichiroji: Dennis this isn't exactly the best place to look for answers about your banning problem.
Dennis Slocombe: & the 3rd person i'd like to be wrote up is Gracious Noel
Runitai Linden: Dennis: this is the wrong place
Runitai Linden: Dennis
Runitai Linden: stay on topic
Runitai Linden: use the abuse reporter if you want them written up
James8 Halderman: i'll check my graphics settings.
xJames8: eu verificarei meus ajustes dos gráficos.
Dennis Slocombe: for constsantly harrassing me & backstabbing me & telling things about me that aren't true
Aki Shichiroji: ...
Jack666 Carter giggles.
Dennis Slocombe: how do i use the Abuse Reporter??
Runitai Linden: help->report abuse
Pastrami Linden: Dennis, try switching your WindLight setting to "A-6PM"
Shania Barzane: intel= no shaders or windlight options correct?
Pastrami Linden: tell me if that helps
James8 Halderman: is that graphics settings, here, or my computer?
xJames8: é que ajustes dos gráficos, aqui, ou meu computador?
Al Sonic: Help->Report Abuse. OK?
Dennis Slocombe: isn't there an easier way to write such things up??
Runitai Linden: no
Dennis Slocombe: oh, ok
Dennis Slocombe: cause right now
Dennis Slocombe: i'm currently BANNED from entering Wings of Hope sim
Dennis Slocombe: atm
Dennis Slocombe: >:-(
Zen Linden: alright, i'm going to go test the 9600 on the iMac
Al Sonic: OK... well, people have the right to ban...
Dennis Slocombe: & that's not fair for me to suffer things i didn't do
Runitai Linden: Dennis: I'm going to send you home if you don't stay on topic
Couples MultiAnimator v2d whispers: * Abranimations Couples Animator Ready...
Zen Linden: i think we're done for today
Aki Shichiroji: Dennis> it's pretty easy. Just provide objective information, and as much of it as possible. if you have grounds for your report, things should work out.
Felicity Marat: honestly Dennis, I don't think anyone cares
Aki Shichiroji: Thanks Zen.
Felicity Marat: not in this crowd anyway
Pastrami Linden: James8, hit Ctrl P and see under graphics where your setting is (Mid, Low, etc.)
Zen Linden: later y'all
Dennis Slocombe: they'er too busy holding grudges against others to come & attend this meeting
Dennis Slocombe: bye zen
Dennis Slocombe: :-D
Mastorian Kingsford: bye Aen
Shania Barzane: lol bye
Pastrami Linden: Dennis, this is about WindLight
James8 Halderman: ok, i took a hud picture of my screen, i will upload two
Mastorian Kingsford: Zen lol
Aki Shichiroji: Bye Zen
xJames8: aprovação, eu fiz exame de um retrato do hud de minha tela, mim
upload dois
Aimee Trescothick: bye :)
Al Sonic: These are graphics guys, not policy guys.
Dennis Slocombe: i'm on Windlight right now
Dennis Slocombe: i love it
Pastrami Linden: me too!
Dennis Slocombe: anthoney biedermann introduced me to this
Dennis Slocombe: & guy ireland as well
Dennis Slocombe: :-D
Marianne McCann: ouch... that was a bad one
Dennis Slocombe: so i have these 2 people to give thanks to
Guy Ireland: yeah I was surprise that it works well with Intel Extreme graphic

Guy's translator:

Service Unavailable

Dennis Slocombe: :-D
Marianne McCann: warm boot
Dennis Slocombe: also
Dennis Slocombe: how often are you lindens on here Ingame??
Dennis Slocombe: also
Dennis Slocombe: how can i become a Linden??
Jack666 Carter: uhmmm... is this meeting over or are there any more questions ?
Pastrami Linden: I think it's been over for quite a while :)
Jack666 Carter: LOL...
Dennis Slocombe: hahahahaha
Jack666 Carter: ok guys ... ;) bye then ;)
Runitai Linden:
Dennis Slocombe: thanks for the link
Dennis Slocombe: :-D
Dennis Slocombe: i hope i get the job
Dennis Slocombe: :-D
Jeremy Linden: See you next week, everyone.