You Know You're A Mentor When...

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  • watch the Tao of Mentors video, you can't help but want to dance to Torley's music with griefer batman!
  • fly after a naked newbie over 3 PG sims to catch him (and have him get dressed) before a report is filed
  • ...someone on OI calls you a bot.
  • go to Help Island Public to hang out with your friends.
  • have 10 L$ on your balance and answer to the question 'How do i make money in SL ?' for the umpteenth time.
  • get so happy when someone learns to remove a box from their head... :/
  • have a serious discussion about the decor of MDStyle OI's.
  • don't push a new resident -and you smile and smile...- when he/she say you (sixth time): "I want sex, give me sex!" :)
  • ...when your RL partner asks you to come to bed and you spend the next hour insisting that he/she gets dressed
  • ...iRL you help a friend and mention he/she should visit help island.
  • walk down your RL High St and every now and again you think "hm, that person needs to go into Edit Appearance..."
  • stop being a jeerer, and start using the JIRA