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Zindra is the "Adult" continent, and contains an extensive network of roads of an experimental road design, so drive carefully and keep your eyes on the road, if you can !

Roads & monorail, click for large

Unfortunately, until December 2013, the continent is still unfinished. This means that an important road in South is not connected with the rest of road system.

Roads in Zindra have a different and much modern texture then on other continents.

The roads of Zindra are usually built at the separation line between sims. This is visible, there are obstacles on the middle of the road to make the sim transition visible. A driver must be careful not to make too many sim crossings while moving left-right on the same road. The road syetem is well developed in Kama City, where the road system divides the urban area into sim-size squares. There are modern light stop signals at every intersection (but nobody will get a bill to pay when driving on red). Even inside the sims, there are paths made of concrete. Urban roads are continued with paths of Protected Land. They are covered with trees, but still vehicles can use them. East to the city, road system is still well-developed. South to the city there is a long beach road built of wood and with bridges over navigable routes.

Kama City has also a monorail that covers half of the urban area.

Technical data

Zindra roads measurement

The following numbers are distances measured in km. Maximum estimated error is 5%.

Kama City streets:           17.00

Rural roads:

North Coast Road:             4.28
High Road:                    3.04
Zindran Central Highway:      3.67
Unnamed road in East:         1.98
Linden Roadway:               3.49
TOTAL:                       16.46

Unconnected South roads:

Southwestern Bypass:          2.77
Zindran Coast Highway:        1.86
Vulcyris Bridge:              0.35
South Coast Road:             1.66
TOTAL:                        6.64

Total data:

Unconnected road pieces:      1
Sea access:                   yes
Total connected roads:        33.46
Total rural roads:            23.10
GRAND TOTAL:                  40.10


  • There is a private-owned off-road slice of land that connects the two road networks.
  • Object entry is only allowed on roads and waterways in a small section of the continent near Kama City, so there is only limited Automated Transportation.

Zindra is on 3rd place in road network, after Heterocera and Sansara. If we consider road density, Zindra is on second position after Heterocera.

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