Inworld Locations for Volunteers

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Recommended Locations

An in-world Landmark giver is located in the Buddy BungalowD at SLVEC. You can drop notecards/landmarks, or touch it to receive copies.


Welcome Areas

Linden Meeting Spaces

Volunteer Resources

Orientation Islands

(see Orientation Island)

Help Islands

(See Help Island for Volunteers)

Please note that only Volunteers can access Help Islands. However, "Help Island Public" and "Help Island Public2" are accessible by anyone. Please also note that "Help Island Public2" is an overflow for the busy "Help Island Public," not a load-balanced location. As such, it is sparsely populated. While "Help Island Public" is restarting after a crash, there will be no traffic diverted to "Help Island Public2."

International Areas


Resident owned

  • French school - Accueil francophoneD: a full sim with dedicated French helpers, classes, and translated notecards. (Yet another non-profit sim hosted and paid by kerunix Flan)
  • Area 51D: The main French sim. Usually full and laggy, but with useful resources, classes and sandbox. (it's just next to the French School)

French speaking groups

See Also

These sims are not dedicated to SL Education, but you'll usually find French helpers.


Resident owned


Linden Lab owned


Resident owned

Spanish speaking groups

There are many groups where Spanish speaking residents can find help and make friends. Some of the more significant groups are (in no special order):

See Also


There are no "permanent" help structures for either Brazilian or Portuguese users, but you can join their respective major groups for more help: Brasileiros no SL (for Brazil) and Tugas no SL (for Portugal). People there will usually point new users to the most recently built areas with Portuguese content.

There is an island for Brazilian users run by residents called, very appropriately, BrasilD. Another place is listed as having information for Brazilian users: PSDB - Diretorio SLD.

Multi Language

NCI INTERNATIONALD. An International Learning Area and Tutorial Area


These locations are for the technically advanced - those who are familiar with building and scripting. There are very experienced people in the sandboxes as well, but are often too preoccupied to help the Newbies who arrive interested in finding out what they can do.

Unmanaged sandboxes have no one in particular overseeing the operations of the area. They often rely on auto-returns and may have scripts disabled to prevent griefer attacks.

Managed Sandboxes have administrators or sandbox guardians who oversee the activities on the sandboxes. They are often reachable by a paging system or group chat, if they are not physically present.

Unmanaged Sandboxes

Managed Sandboxes

The Little Blue Island Sandbox (also know as the Lesser Blue Herion) is probably the best Sandbox in second life. The owners Carter, Gillian and Patty and there volunteer staff are very proactive, enforcing the rules and quickly and effectively dealing with grievers as well as assisting with building questions and more. The island features a generous work area with plenty of room for large builds, a learning area for building, sculpties, scripting and texturing. The Island also features rental homes at reasonable weekly rates, and combined with the Herion Island Preformance Space or HIPS and the Teal Island Shopping Mall with store front rentals also at very reasonable rates the island is a unique, fun and wonderful place to live, love, learn, and build. --Mech Smit 04:41, 6 July 2008 (PDT) I'd like to add to Mech's comments to say that the sandbox on Little Blue Island welcomes brand new builders as well as the technically advanced. We have copies of The Sojourner's tutorials that will guide users in rezzing their first prim, as well as shaping, sizing, linking, and texturing it. --Gillian Carthage 07:22, 6 July 2008 (PDT)