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Volunteer Locations

Welcome Areas


What's an Infohub?

An Infohub, also known as a Welcome Area, is a place where Residents congregate and socialize, and there are usually kiosks providing Second Life information. Infohubs can be fun places to hang out and learn about the world if you're new, although silly stuff happens on occasion.

Note that there are special rules that apply to these locations.

Official Infohubs are owned by Linden Lab and many were built by Residents, but some Residents run their own, unofficial social spaces which they also call Infohubs.

Infohubs are represented on the World Map with blue i's, like this:

Infohub map.png

To show them, make sure that Infohub on the right-hand legend is checked.

KBtip2.png Tip: Sometimes you may see Infohub dots in other places, usually off the Mainland. These are really telehubs, special landing points for regions or estates. You cannot normally set your home location at these points. (In ancient times, there were telehubs on the mainland too.)

What are all the official Infohubs?

Parcel lght G.png General

Parcel lght M.png Moderate

Parcel lght A.png Adult

Former or inactive hubs

While you can no longer set these locations as your home, some older accounts may still have home set there, and they are sometimes are used as hangouts.

Parcel lght G.png General

Parcel lght M.png Moderate

Linden Homes hubs

These were never activated as home points (Governor Linden keeps them in the Linden Homes estate, separate from the mainland). They contain information kiosks, sample textures to match the Linden Homes housing, and sometimes model homes.

Parcel lght M.png Moderate

Can I find Infohubs through Search?

You can try!

  1. Choose World>Search and pick "Places" from the menu beside the "Search" button.
  2. Try search terms like "infohub", "hub", "welcome" or "governor".
  3. On the left column, change All Categories to Linden Location.

This shows most of the Infohubs, although some are listed using other keywords.

Is there anything else special I need to know?

You can set your home location at any mainland Infohub. If you don't have a home location set, World>Teleport Home will send you to a random infohub matching your maturity rating.

Linden Lab Office Hours

Office Hours

International Areas


Resident owned

French speaking groups

See Also

These sims are not dedicated to SL Education, but you'll usually find French mentor.


Resident owned


Linden Lab owned


Resident owned

Spanish speaking groups

There are many groups where Spanish speaking residents can find help and make friends. Some of the more significant groups are (in no special order):

See Also


Resident owned

For more contacts or help you can access groups support Brazilian or Portuguese: Suporte Portal Brasil or Brasileiros no SL (for Brazil) and Tugas no SL (for Portugal). People there will usually point new users to the most recently built areas with Portuguese content.


These locations are for the technically advanced - those who are familiar with building and scripting. There are very experienced people in the sandboxes as well, but are often too preoccupied to help the Newbies who arrive interested in finding out what they can do.

Unmanaged sandboxes have no one in particular overseeing the operations of the area. They often rely on auto-returns and may have scripts disabled to prevent griefer attacks.

Managed Sandboxes have administrators or sandbox guardians who oversee the activities on the sandboxes. They are often reachable by a paging system or group chat, if they are not physically present.

Unmanaged Sandboxes

Managed Sandboxes