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A variable is a place to store information, like a number or a string.

A variable has a name, a type, and a value. The name starts with a letter, and the name convention is similar to C or Java. Case matters. X is not the same as x.

LSL is a strongly and statically typed language. This means that variables must be declared by type and that variables may only hold values of a corresponding type. However, a list variable may hold zero or more values of any other type.

Some examples:

integer count = 2;
float measure = 1.2;
string chars = "Lee";
list words = ["This", "Is", "A", "List"];
list entries = ["A list may contain many types of values such as", 2, 1.2, <0.4, 0.8, 1.6>];
vector vec = <1,6,2>;

Scope of variables

The variable name is in scope from the point it first appears to the end of the scope it is in, or the end of the script for global variables. A name may not be defined twice in the same scope, but a name may be redefined in an inner scope, and it hides the same name at outer scope. Again, the semantics are very similar to C and Java.

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