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This function is not available yet. This documentation was written prior to its final release so it may not match the final implementation.


Function: list llGetRegionAgents( integer scope, list options );

Requests a list of agents currently in the region, limited by the scope parameter. (Unknown at this point what parameters are supported, LL did not update a function definition for llGetRegionAgents, but did reference this page for llGetAgentsList.)
Returns a list [key id0, key id1, ..., key idn] or [string error_msg] - returns avatar keys for all agents in the region limited to the area(s) specified by scope

• integer scope selection scope
  • AGENT_LIST_PARCEL - returns only agents on the same parcel where the script is running.
  • AGENT_LIST_PARCEL_OWNER - returns only agents on any parcel in the region where the parcel owner is the same as the owner of the parcel under the scripted object.
  • AGENT_LIST_REGION - returns any/all agents in the region.
• list options Unused.


  • There is no guaranteed understandable order or randomness to the list returned.
  • Will only return up to 100 agents.
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<lsl>//Displays up to 100 avatar key: name pairs detected in the entire region list gaAgents;

default {

   touch_start(integer total_number)
       integer  i;
       integer  liCount;
       gaAgents = llGetRegionAgents();
       liCount = llGetListLength(gaAgents);
       if (liCount > 0)
           if (llGetListEntryType(gaAgents,0) == TYPE_STRING)
               llOwnerSay("Error: "+llList2String(gaAgents,0));
               for (i=0; i < liCount; ++i)
                   llOwnerSay(llList2String(gaAgents,i)+": "+llKey2Name(llList2String(gaAgents,i)));

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function list llGetRegionAgents( integer scope, list options );