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As part of the LSL Portal Poetry Project, these articles are in need of haiku.

If you would like to see which articles already have Haiku. Try: Category:Articles with haiku

Example: llGetPizza (the order of the parameters in the definition has no effect on the rendering).

 |func_desc=Orders a pizza paid by M Linden while agent is logged into Second Life.
 |p1_type=key|p1_name=dest|p1_desc=Avatar [[UUID]].
 |func_footnote=The avatar '''destination''' does not have to be in the same sim, but should be close by to reduce delivery latency.
 |caveats=.. or your money back! (Successful  delivery may cause user to sleep too)
 |notes=A long time feature of a popular MMO.  Should be added to Second Life to keep up.
 {{Haiku|If you got this far|as if to write a haiku|enjoy April first}}

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